BuckMaster Knives Book by Richard Neyman

BuckMaster Knives Book by Richard Neyman

Model #12098

Legend of the BuckMaster: Survival Tool of the 1980's--Richard Neyman.
"The First book ever written on a BUCK knife and is the fully Authorized History of the BuckMaster models 184 and BuckMaster LT model 185. The BuckMaster was one of the first projects (32 years ago) of BUCK Knives new Chairman of the Board CJ Buck. Read firsthand accounts of how this legendary knife came into being. Originally researched, developed, and then issued to serve the U.S. Navy SEALs of Team Three (Then SEAL Team Six), the BuckMaster became and is a 1980’s American icon of survival edged knives and it also lead into the development of the venerable M9 Bayonet. From its humble beginnings in Oceanside California, with PHROBIS in collaboration with BUCK Knives of El Cajon, California, the BuckMaster has become synonymous with dependability and getting the job done in any circumstance. Written by life-long BuckMaster collector and aficionado, Richard Neyman. His enthusiasm and attention to detail, as he walks you through this amazing story, is palpable a MUST have for any BUCK Knives Collector."
352 pages
8 x 0.8 x 10.8 inches
May 2, 2011