Silver Creek™ Fillet Knife

Silver Creek™ Fillet Knife

Model #0225BLS-B

Current Selection
Titanium Coated, 420J2 Steel
Rubber, Blue
Carry System:
Injection molded nylon sheath


Safe, reliable and durable. This medium sized fillet knife has a titanium coated blade and is designed for added flexibility and corrosion resistance, a rubberized anti-slip grip and a stainless steel safety guard. Imported
Blade Shape:
Blade Length:
(223) 6 3/8" - (225) 9 5/8"
223:5 oz., 225: 5.3 oz.
Carry System:

Available Features and Options

420J2 Stainless Steel

General-purpose stainless steel. 420J2 is well suited for routine applications, is easily sharpened, and offers a great blend of hardness and wear resistance


Fillet Knife

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Average Rating:
NAME: Robert Eagerton
AGE: 59
Fillet knife

Extremely sharp right out of the box.

NAME: Rik Osborn
AGE: 62
Still sharp

I have used this knife for 2 years and it is still sharp. I use it for cutting meat of all sorts. I use it about once a week.

NAME: Jeffrey Cabral
AGE: 59

Great grip handle and well balanced with just the right length for filleting fish. Problems with the blade staying sharp, tried all kinds of sharpeners, even electric. The blade does not hold a smooth edge and keeps coming out rough like a serrated blade. diffenitly not a pure stainless steal blade.

NAME: Michael Renker
AGE: 44
Better have a good sharpening stone

I got this knife to use more as a deboning knife than a fillet knife. I've since use it as a fillet knife. I was disappointed to find out after I bought it, that it is made in China. I thought all Buck knives were made in the USA. I guess not. The first thing I had to do was put a sharpening stone on the blade because it was so dull. Once I put a good sharp edge on it I've had real good results on fish and haven't had to sharpen it. The smaller sized one is good to carry in a backpack.

NAME: MIKE Schwartz
AGE: 62
great knife for it's intended purpose

I have both the 91/2 inch fixed and the 6 inch folding fillet knives by buck. I find both of them to hold a good edge and sharpen easily, especially on Buck's diamond steel. I use them both for fish and deboning wild game. I have had the folding Silver Creek for several years and it has performed flawlessly. worth every penny! I carry it in my pack as well.

NAME: jerry barton
AGE: 53
bait and switch

compared this knife to rapala made in finland thought buy made in usa even though was 9 dollars more. have many buck knives love them all. too my surprise once opened says china on back side . I feel the intension was to mislead will never like knife no matter what and will give second thought too buying buck knife again.

NAME: Cody
AGE: 31

I got this knife as a father's day present from my wife and son and was super excited. Then I used it for the first time. Not only did I discover that it was made in china not the USA, but also that the handle felt sloppy. Was washing it after using it and the "handle" came right off in my hand. It's not even a full tang. Only about 1 inch worth of steel that glued into the handle. I can't even put new scales on it. As a knife maker myself I have to say this thing is a piece of s@#$. DON'T BUY!!!

NAME: Christopher Kennedy
AGE: 54
Slightly disappointed made in PRC

Bought Buck Knife in Sanfransisco California about 27 yrs ago whilst on vacation. Handle unfortunately broke off after about 10 yrs of use . Was a great knife though . Bought a new Silver Creek 6 3/8 Fillet knife today down Gold Coast today for $109 aud . Shocked when I took it out of box when I got home to see it is made in China . Hope the quality and reputation has not been lowered as a result .