Sheath - 691 Zipper / 692 Vanguard

Sheath - 691 Zipper / 692 Vanguard

Model #0691-15-BK

Rugged Black polyester sheath for our model 691 Zipper™ and 692 Vanguard®. 7 3/4" x 2 1/4"
**Knife not included. This is the sheath only.

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NAME: Philo in AZ
AGE: 51
Good quality but design flaw

This sheath is like most Buck products, well made and sturdy, but unlike most Buck products, this has a design flaw. The interior has a hard nylon liner that is intended to keep this very sharp knife from cutting up the sheath during unsheathing and sheathing. After 3 months of wearing the sheath last hunting season, the liner began to separate from the sheath which tended to catch the blade during sheathing and forcing the blade outside the liner. After a few times of this happening the separation became so bad that the gap was bigger outside the liner than in it. I have epoxied it twice now and have just decided to look for another sheath and toss this one.

NAME: Nick
AGE: 47
Great knife, Very poor sheath

It is possible to wiggle the knife out of this sheath without unsnapping it first. I have seen other model knives have both a nylon and leather version of basically the same sheath. Why wasn't this applied here?

NAME: John Howard
AGE: 63
Poor Design

I have had my Vanguard knife and sheath since about 1997 and do not carry it on my belt much because of the sheath. I just don't trust it. The few time I have carried it on my belt it would stick out and catch on everything. The belt slot is too low. I use the knife when taking care of a deer knife is carried in the back pack, in the sheath. I have made a sheath similar to the original 105 sheath with a deeper pocket and a flap over the handle. I definitely do not like the newer, cheap, Nylon sheaths and prefer a good, well fitted leather sheath