Sheath - 191 Zipper / 192 Vanguard

Sheath - 191 Zipper / 192 Vanguard

Model #0191-05-BR

Rugged Brown leather sheath for our model 191 Zipper™ and 192 Vanguard®. 7 7/16" x 2"
**Knife not included. This is the sheath only.

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NAME: wayne
AGE: 53
zipper sheath

This isn't so much a review, as a question. I just found a buck zipper in the middle of a parking lot, minus the sheath... obviously don't know the backstory... how secure does this sheath hold the knife? Or is there a better sheath out there that holds it better?

NAME: Colby
AGE: 16
The Best of Buck Sheaths

I bought my 192 Vanguard about six months ago. I use it at work and camping, among other things. I love the sheath to this knife. I wish Buck did all their sheaths this style. Even though it was was designed for two different knifes, from my experience, I'd say this sheath fits this knife better than any other sheath and Buck knife. I also own a 119 and sheath, and honestly, I don't like it. I cannot have the sheath and knife on my belt without the knife being buckled. The knife will fall out. With the 191/192 sheath this ain't the case. I can put the knife in the sheath unbuckled for a moment and it won't fall out. Best sheath ever.