Model #0124BKSLE-B

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Satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel
Carry System:
Genuine Leather Sheath, Black


Hunting remains a core tradition for Buck. The Frontiersman is a classic knife that performs without complaint today. The beautiful Black Micarta handle makes this a sleek addition to your hunting pack.
Blade Length:
6 1/4" (15.9 cm)
13.3 oz.
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

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NAME: Jerry
AGE: 76

I've not had a chance to use the 124 yet except to nick my finger, the mail man dropped it off yesterday. It is razor sharp right out of the box. I'm amazed at Bucks craftsmanship on this knife and every other Buck I own. It is absolutely perfect. Every line is perfectly straight and each side is exactly the same. Its a brute of a knife. As others have said the handle edges could use a little more relief but it feels OK and your hand should not slip when chopping. As always Buck makes a quality product at a price people can afford. I love it

NAME: Andrew
AGE: 21
Amazing knife

This I one of the prettiest knives I have ever owned but it's holds a good edge and good balance well worth the money...

NAME: Ken lambert
AGE: 48
Jaw dropping!

Without a doubt,this is one of the most awe inspiring knives I've ever held. A pure and literally flawless work of art and the blade is scary sharp! Fantastic job! Your team is skilled to the highest caliber. Regardless of price,is top notch!!!!!

NAME: Laney White
AGE: 47

Please use a different Company to make the Buck 124 sheath I like the old style and also Just like the Buck 120 sheath. It is not made as well as the older 124 sheaths and like the 120 sheaths as well. It has a hard plastic insert and is more pointed at the end. Love the knife but the sheath is not so loved. Thanks you.

NAME: Andy F
AGE: 43
-"THIS, is a knife"...!!!

The one and only hunter-knife you will ever need. Rough, elegant and sharp.

NAME: Alan Sammartano
AGE: 60
My first knife

I bought my 124 Frontiersman's when I was 13 years old in L.A. California. I bought it with money I earned cutting lawns. I paid $39.95 for it at a local sportsman shop. I have carried it on every trip into the woods and it has never failed to be up for any task I have put it to. I have always respected it as a tool and never abused it. It will be given to my step son when I am no longer able to go out and use it. Thank you Mr. Buck for being part of my youth and adulthood.

NAME: Edward J Gontar
AGE: 49
Frontiersman Elite

I received this knife as a gift from my Nephew. I knew that this knife would be the best you can buy and it is. I love it and am a proud owner. It certainly will be handed down after I am gone. I really appreciate the motto of Buck knifes and was delighted that they enclosed it with my purchase.

NAME: Kevin
AGE: 20
Excellent Fixed Blade Knife

As always, the Buck Knife Company is synonymous with American made quality. This is my favorite fixed blade knife and the best one I own. The knife is very sturdy, the fit and finish is perfect; the edge is hair shaving sharp, and has good edge retention. I've used it in a couple of hunting trips and had not yet needed to sharpen it after processing game. Even if I did have to sharpen, I imagine it would be easy with Buck's 420hc steel. Everything about the knife is just perfect!

NAME: Alwyn Joubert
AGE: 63
Frontiersman 124

As a former owner of a Frontiersman I am interested in obtaining another, but would like to know if it comes in various blade lengths/ total lengths. Also price/s please.

NAME: Kevin
AGE: 47
The first and last

I knew of this knife it was one on my list to get long overdue. I love the outdoors and I always carry a knife when I do my outdoor coriculums . I've had many knives and somewhere down the line I'll eventually dislike the knives for my personal reasons cause I didn't feel that the knives wasn't actually in mind of what I would carry. I'm a practical guy and I would be the first to say I love a good knife. So when I eventually and did get my buck 124 I was excited to finally have one. I modified it a little bit and I love it. I'm looking forward to put it to use.

NAME: randy rowland
AGE: 56
about the best all around knife you can own

i have owned two of the frontiersman knives for years. like others i wish that buck would general this so it would go with my brown leathers. but you cant low rate this knife for that. own many bucks but when it comes down to it if im going in the woods i have a frontiersman in the pack. i will say this the sheath loop could be a little stronger i have broken the one on my original sheath. heres another thought ive several of the kratton handled versions but i don't believe that the frontiersman ever came out with that grip and the nylon sheath i would own one if it did. love this knife.

NAME: Pistol
AGE: 14
One to rule them all

I love the knife. Once you get it in your hands it's hard to set it down. I got mine off amazon for 103 dollars. If you want a good all around knife, get this one!

AGE: 69
buck 124

When I went to Vietnam in `69 the Army gave me a military fighting knife, but it was only good for just that! I needed a good heavy utility knife for cutting, preying, and fighting. My dad had a Cass 337q that he carried in WWW that I just loved. I wrote home and had him send me something close to that. I received a Buck 124 knife from him and it was just what I needed. I carried it for 2 tours in Vietnam and every hunting trip I've ever been on. It's cleaned over 60 deer and still looks like New. One he'll of a knife, THANKS!

NAME: Paul Fowler
AGE: 69
Buck 124

I have a 124 that I purchased over 50 years ago and it still looks great. I believe in Buck and I plan on buying several more. I just received a Buck 120 and a Buck 119 Anniversary edition should be here tomorrow.

NAME: Scott S
AGE: 34
Good knife

Just bought 124. Probably going to be my favorite hunting knife. Like sheath, blade design, stainless steel, blade length. Don't like size of handle, it's too bulky. 5/5 if handle not as awkward.

NAME: Goose Slayer
AGE: 63
Truly awesome knife

While this particular knife is a tad larger than I normally carry it is truly an awesome weapon. It has never let me down when I have used it in the field. The only reason I gave it 4 stars is it should also come in Cocobola wood and brass hardware and brown sheath to mate. I would buy another in a heartbeat if that combination came to pass. Thanks Buck for another great design.

NAME: dan
AGE: 29
It's a Buck

Can't beat it. Proud owner of the 124, 119, and a handful of others. The blades are just perfect. They hold an edge and pleasing to a diamond stone for sharpening. My advise is, if your looking for a worthy blade, buy Buck. Fan for life

NAME: Thomas M. Tackett
AGE: 69
I loved mine

I bought mine in Norfolk, Va. when I was stationed on the U.S.S. Independence in 1967 before heading out to the Mediterranean Sea. I worked on the flightdeck in V-1 division and carried it with me everywhere. When we got back I was transferred to Mayport, Florida and had to spend a few days in the base hospital due to an infection I'd gotten in a cut on my hand during a pilot rescue previous to my transfer. I came close to losing part of my hand but it turned out OK. After release from the base hospital I was in a barracks while waiting for the U.S.S. Shangri-La to pull in to pick a few of us up before setting out for Viet Nam. To make this already long story short, some scumbag stole it out of my locker while I was on liberty. I was way beyond pissed !

NAME: Jimi Donaldson Jr.
AGE: 35
Its a handy knife

This one heck of a knife. I've seen many buck knives but not one this good. Overall its the most handy knife I've ever owned

NAME: Gregg
AGE: 50
Best Knife Ever

I won my Frontiersman in 1982 my first year in the army. I carried it as part of my field gear my entire career including Desert Storm. I still carry this knife today and when I pass on I'll carry it and my Fav 1911 Gold Cup to my grave.

NAME: Wayne Thornton
AGE: 65
A Dream Knife

I got mine in early 80's and loved it ever since. Was lost in a B&E in '08 and I cried (really). Found it was out of production and cried some more. I looked everywhere and found a used one on E-Bay. It was beat up but Buck took it in and the knife looks like new. I am so proud of that knife and the quality work Buck did in restoring an abused beauty. It is a one of a kind and should stay in production for the generations to come.

AGE: 67
Good replacement for k-bar style knife

I bought my #124 as a substitute for the kbar. At the time I purchased this knife, I was deploying to Operation Desert Shied/Storm with the Marine Corps. This knife was used for several purposes: chopping tool, hammer and general cutting but it's primary use was as a defensive weapon in close quarter combat. Fortunately, I never had to use it for anything other than the strongest cutting tool I have ever used. (It almost replaces a small hatchet.) I had to drill a hole in the bottom of the sheath to attach it to my H harness. I still have the knife and it is now a part of my bug-out bag. My only suggestion would be to make and sell a hard sheath. Using the leather sheath can allow the blade to penetrate the sheath if enough force is applied to the point of the blade. An example would be when having to fall to the ground to avoid incoming rounds. Keep up the good work and don't lower the quality of your knives. They aren't toys but are being used for survival. I'm planning to purchase a shorter blade to wear on a gun belt when not wearing a pack. I also have a #110 that is at least 30 years old. I guess your marketing dept won't like the fact that your knives last a lifetime. In today's marketplace, quality has been replaced with built-in replacement life. Oh, I would like to see you market a good machette for cutting down small brush/vines. Semper Fi.

NAME: Michael D'Errico
AGE: 82
Little story of a good blade.

I bought the Frontiersman in Germany just before I went to Vietnam. And it performed very well in the jungle and out of it. Bought another one so I could keep the "old" one "safe" and prevent others from using it. It is a very strong knife; keeps sharp for a long time and has never given me any problems. It is an excellent blade.

NAME: D. Bryden
AGE: 70
Old Friend

My dear wife bought me a Frontiersman sometime in the 1970's and I have loved the knife ever since. Mine has the Rosewood (?) handles and is the best knife of its size I have ever owned and I've owned many others. Perhaps the best feature is the beautiful, sturdy leather sheath. I can't stand the plastic sheaths everyone else is using. Please keep it available, it is time to own another one.

NAME: Robert B. Shuler
AGE: 77
One beautiful knife

If "Chuck Buck" would like to out do himself, just offer the Frontiersman, as a Custom Knife.

NAME: Vincent Nuzzo
AGE: 54
Best ever

Bought this knife in 1976 ! All I can say is buy this knife after all these. Years it looks and works just like when I purchased it. It was on a whim that I did so but I do not regret one bit ! It was 100.00 back then but who would of thought that after all these years the knife is still perfect!!! Message to anyone that is thinking of buying a knife as far as I am concerned for function use and plain old American knifes there's only one name BUCK many thanks to the Buck family for producing a simple quality time tested piece of Americana the only problem with this knife is who am I going to leave it to when I pass away as it will with basic proper care last forever Thank again for producing such quality knifes

NAME: Giovanni
AGE: 47
"The" knife

Sorry for my poor English. Got mine 124 in mid 80'. It was used. At that time the new one had the wood and rounded handle, but was too expensive for an high school student. Mine was an older model, bigger black phenolic squared handle, with a thong hole in the pommel. Used for years heavy chores in winter mountain trips. Performed very well and was always been easy to sharpen. Now it is a collection piece, for me, but I am planning to get another one. Size, weight, cutting power perfect for me. I am happy for the reintroduction of this iconic model.

NAME: mandarini
AGE: 66

excellent couteau qui sert à tout je le posséde depuis 1977 j' aime la marque buck

NAME: mark johnson
AGE: 52
First and best knife I own!

I bought my 124 Frontier at a yard sale in Alaska for $20.00. It had been sharpened only once. I couldn't believe my good fortune. That was back in the early 80's. I have used it on moose, elk, deer and bear. It has caught the eye of my Father, Brother and Sons. Now all of us have one in our collection, and we use it every year. This was the first Buck knife I owned and I will never part with it. As Crocodile Dundee said, "Nah, this is a knife!"

NAME: Louis A. Laval
AGE: 58
36-year young

I bought my Frontiersman in Alexandria (VA) in July 1979, while visiting the States. It was a faithful companion throughout my entire military career and it travelled the world with me. It is now, still in mint condition, back to its original hunting purpose.

NAME: Edward
AGE: 49
Total Outdoorsman

I received my Buck Frontiersman knife about 2 weeks ago from my brother from another mother. I used it to split wood and to simply baton small branches off. I love it. Durable and sharp. I wanted it as soon as I laid my eyes upon it. I will pass it down to one of my boys.

NAME: Matt
AGE: 32
My new favorite Buck

I have owned, used and loved Buck knives for a number of years and this has surpassed them all to become my favorite Buck! This 2015 dated knife is build like a tank. Full exposed tang with pinned micarta handle scales. The aluminum pommel and hand guard are well polished to mate up with the micarta scales perfectly. The edge is incredibly sharp. The grind is nice and even. The handle is a bit square for my taste, but has not been uncomfortable while cutting. The entire knife is just a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. The leather sheath is very nice but slightly thicker leather should be used on the belt loop. This knife is almost to handsome to use out doors....almost. I wish this knife would go into regular production. I definitely need another. Just an all around amazing knife. Thank you, Buck, for producing such an incredible outdoor knife!

AGE: 72

I have owned two 124's. My first I gave away as a gift to a hunting guide in Idaho in 1982. I bought another 124 in 1985 and I have carried it ever since on deer and elk hunts. I love the balance, the edge it holds, and the general utility it provides me as a hunter. Whenever someone sees this knife they want to hold it and admire it. I think this knife is one of Buck's finest products and I carry it with pride.

NAME: Joe Hayes
AGE: 57
Buck is Best

I have owned three 110 and a Path finder. I destroyed the blade on the first two 110's doing roadside repairs to my car so I did not feel right sending them in to take advantage of the best warranty in the business. Were else would I go looking for a straight blade? My Frontiersman is on the way.

NAME: anonymous
AGE: 15
they need to make this in bronze!

thats all i have to say.

NAME: Nick Lane
AGE: 44
Outstanding Fit n Finish

I just bought my 124 and I have to say this is the nicest looking knife I have ever bought from Buck. And that says a lot because I have an incredible 112 from the 70s that is nice but this one is the best. Nice work Buck.

NAME: Ronald J. Castle
AGE: 69
Frontiersman #124

I have a Frontiersman #124 that I bought over 25 years ago. I reason I am submitting this review is that my knife has a highly polished wooden grip and a brown scabbard. Wonderful knife that I have kept in the box. To pretty to use.

NAME: Glen
AGE: 41
best knife I have ever owned !

I bought this knife in 1997 when I was in San Diego when I was in the U.S. Navy. This knife has preform very well in the tasks I've thrown at it. I've recently given it to my son who has admired this knife for a very long time. He has always cleaned and sharpened it for me. The knife has a really good edge and always will.

NAME: Mr Tapio Iivari
AGE: 59
Best of the knives

Serial number of my Frontiersman is 124 I like it, it is beautiful to look and it is good to use.