401 Kalinga Knife

401 Kalinga Knife

Model #0401RWS-B

Current Selection
Satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel
Rosewood Dymondwood
Carry System:
Genuine Leather Sheath, Burgundy


"We like to feel that the Buck Kalinga is also the badge of authority for all sportsmen to wear." Al Buck, Circa 1969. The original Kalinga was a favorite of Al Buck’s. With a large sweeping skinner blade and ergonomic handle design, the Kalinga encompasses all the exceptional qualities that have kept it as an all time favorite among knife enthusiasts. Exclusive, elite, and luxurious, the Kalinga remains a top choice for a hunting knife or simply as a collectible. Either way, it is a conversation starter.
Blade Shape:
Blade Length:
4 3/4" (12 cm)
11.2 oz. (318.9 g)
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.


Best suited for skinning game. The tip is narrow, while the wide curved belly gives a nice skinning sweep that aids in get­ting through thick layers. The downward angled, more blunt point makes it harder to make an accidental slice through the hide.

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NAME: George M. Grasser
AGE: 68
The most beautyful knife I have ever owned.

I bought my buck Kalinga in the late 80's. I have never used it because I got it to collect. I still have the presentation box it came with and the knife still has an edge that will slice paper into 1/8 inch strips and impresses my friends. This knife will stay with me until I die.

NAME: D.R. Fischer
AGE: 62
Daddy's Kalinga

My Brother and I worked at My Grandfathers Hardware and Standard Oil station in the 1960s ,70s. Granddaddy picked a Kalinga for A Christmas present. 15 dollars for Marty and Myself . My Father loved it ! Duck hunting in the river boat or deer hunting in the swamps . He always wore it . It's edge always sharp . Still beautiful after all His abuse !!!

NAME: gary bouwkamp
AGE: 66
collectors kalinga

this is #159 of 500 NRA cutout in blade and signed by chuck buck. this knife came in a glass top wood presentation case with a glass top and the blade is s30v steel. never carried or used. absolutely beautiful knife. any idea what the value is? it also has a certificate of authunticity

NAME: Anthony
AGE: 53
Great product

I was given a Kalinga by my father back in the 90s and I won't use it to clean animals because the knife is just too nice. Still have box, receipt and warranty. I will pass it along to my kids one day.

NAME: Scott Anderson
AGE: 51
Kalinga pro

I bought the folder 419 and the fixed 408 back in 09.....and I have to say there the best knives ive ever bought. Not sure why they don't offer them anymore either and I have to say I love having bought them both with the s30v blades, Sharpest knives ive ever bought which says a lot coming from someone who cut meat for a living for over 20 years. Wish they would bring them both back. The folder never leaves my hip. lol

NAME: brad bailey
AGE: 36

I'm also disappointed that Kalinga pro and Kalinga pro folder with s30v have been discontinued. I'd purchase more. Maybe less elegant but more functional.

NAME: jab20002
AGE: 56
A working piece of art

Pictures simply do not do this knife justice. It is so rare these days that you see an item that is breathtaking in form, function and craftsmanship. The Kalinga hits the mark in all three areas. It is a thing of beauty. The lines of the knife really are impressive and unique.That said the Kalinga is a tool and all the good looks in the world won't matter if the tool can't perform its intended function, in this case a hunting knife for skinning large game. The balance of the knife in your hand and its heft really make it stand out as a thing of substance that you know won't fail you when things get tough. When put to use the small design details really set this tool apart from the rest, like the choke that is cut into the base of the blade, notched and flattened just enough to give the user a couple of different grip options as he is working through a tough patch. For me this knife sets both design and performance standards that will be really hard to beat. Thank you for your hard work and the attention to detail. It is appreciated.

NAME: Chris Moller
AGE: 62
A disappointment.

Sorry, but the Kalinga 401 is a disappointment compared to the discontinued 408. The 408 is a truly elegant knife that's easy to use with precision and, as far as I'm concerned, its S30V steel is a better choice than 420HC. It also looks like Buck doesn't make the Kalinga Pro folder any more either, and that's sad.

NAME: jim mccartney
AGE: 75
my knife

I bought my knife in 1969 for a hunting knife. but I couldn't hunt with it to beautiful. micarta wood 10" long 5"blade still in same box same sheath. thanks buck for a wonderful knife

NAME: Mario Zermeno
AGE: 52
My Baby

My 401 kalinga was a gifted to me back in 84, although it wasn't my first buck knife it quickly became my all time favorite . I have put the 401 thru its paces from camping , hunting and at one time a self defense tool. I no longer use this knife not because it has worn out or have no use for it , but for the only reason that it has proven its reliability ten fold. I intend too pass this knife and the rest of my Buck knife collection to my family, and if i ever need my Baby i know she'll be there for me without fail as she has been over and over again in the past . To the Buck family and Mr. Bos thank you for staying true to your craft.

NAME: Sergio Lucatero
AGE: 42
Grandpa's knife

Try to keep it short. My Kalinga is a hand me down from my grandfather. As far back as I can remember, he always had it with him. After see it all my life, he finally gave it to me before he passed. Great family heirloom, I look at it and see my grandfather.

NAME: ERIC Vitelli
AGE: 51
Like a part of your arm!

I got mine in the Early 80's. I wanted the best from the best and I got it. It is a fine piece of craftsmanship. I loved my folding hunter and knew it would be a special piece. it is!

NAME: Genocache
AGE: 64
Original owner

Great knife1 I used to work for the factory which made the grinding wheels for Buck, Around 1974-5 I purchased a Kalinga for $45. Over the years I have used it camping, it has a few scratches but stays sharp, I still have the original box. I had to have an extra rivet put in the bottom of the sheath as the point kept sticking out, Ouch!

NAME: Bill Ruhlman
AGE: 67
Original Kalinga

I purchased my Kalinga new and will always be one of my Buck knife keepers! It is an original model that I bought many many years ago.

NAME: chris veltkamp
AGE: 50
I got one of the old one's

Long story. about 1985 I was talking to a gun dealer of which I had expressed an intrest in knives. He pulls out this dust coverd box that said " BUCK KALINGA " with a Buck Kalinga fitted inside a rotted away silk line ing. The box had a bit of mould growing on it, but not much, the knife rested in a cutout in the silk and the sheath was held at the top of the box by elastic straps. It also included the original owners manual, and i was able to register it as the original owner, as the guy who bought it first did't do that! So the gun dealer tells me some guy needed to borrow 65 bucks from him way back in the early 70's and gave him this knife as collateral. the gun dealer tells me this story and ain't ever seen the guy since. I show up 3 weeks later and tell the dealer I wanna pay off that guy's debt to him an place 65 bucks on the counter. He said quite a few years have passed and that guy owes me intrest! I said I just came to pay his debt and take collateral, it's up to You to get Your intrest! I walked out of His shop with a Kalinga, back when they were made by hand with micarta handles in a fancy box from 1970 for 65 bucks! Sharp as Hell to this day, perfect shape and I've used it plenty. That gun dealer is long dead by now, I got an exclusive knife with a great story! I'd like to find out if the box it came in could be restored, it ain't in bad shape, just needs the liner replaced.

NAME: Rikardo Menger
AGE: 46
Kalinga Is Superlative in world of knives !

I have new Buck 401 Kalinga, production code 2014 year, I have in my collection more than 30 Buck knives, but Kalinga is a Superlative in every way! The best knife ever!

NAME: Howard Hofer
AGE: 50
Fine Craftmanship

I bought my son the Buck Kalinga as a gift to celebrate his first successful semester in College. The knife is beautiful and finely crafted. I am sure he will keep it for his son or daughter.