379 Solo Knife

379 Solo Knife

Model #0379BRS-B

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Satin Finish, 420J2 Steel
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Traditional, compact pocket knife. This single bladed knife has a clip blade, perfect for detail work, piercing and cutting in tight places. Blade Lengths: Modified Clip: 2 3/16." Length 3" closed. Imported.
Blade Shape:
Multiple Blade Shapes
Blade Length:
2 1/4" (5.7 cm)
0.9 oz. (25.6 g)
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420J2 Stainless Steel

General-purpose stainless steel. 420J2 is well suited for routine applications, is easily sharpened, and offers a great blend of hardness and wear resistance

Multiple Blade Shapes

Multiple Blade Shapes

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NAME: Scott
AGE: 24
My Favourite Knife!

I received this knife as a gift a few years ago and was really skeptical about it because its so small, but after throwing it in my pocket for a few days I really came to love this little guy! It fits anywhere because of its size and is so comfortable in the hand. There are endless uses for a knife this size and the wood grip looks awesome. Great job on this one Buck!

NAME: Troy b
AGE: 15
Great little knife

Really like this knife for everyday carry. You can drop it in your pocket and it dissapers.Very easy to sharpen and gets razor sharp. Wood handles look very nice.

NAME: Christian
AGE: 14
Good little knife

My friend found it at school and didn't know what to do with it so gave it to me, it's been 3 years and I still have the knife and it is still excellent, the little plaque on the handle that says buck fell off while in my mom's car but I still love this knife it's my first pocket knife that was ever really mine and i think its a great knife, im gonna get another soon, i have a 110 that i got yesterday and here in a month i will write a review on that, good work buck

NAME: Brian
AGE: 24
Good Tobacco Knife

I use this specifically for cutting up tobacco twists and plugs, and for that works great. Came fairly sharp. but i sharpened it anyways. took the edge very well. Exactly what i needed, Thanks Buck

NAME: Kevin
AGE: 38
Perfect little knife

I got this knife as a birthday gift to myself dependable easy to sharpen it gets used almost daily on the job 3 folks in my department got themselves one

NAME: Joseph
AGE: 29
Light use review

I used this knife to start a hole that I could put one of the small "open house " signs into. There was some gravel in the hard packed dirt so I expected some bending and denting of the edge, but not to the extent that the blade sustained.

NAME: Kevin
AGE: 37
Awesome knife

Great pocket knife just the perfect size and good price i would recommend this to all my friends and family

NAME: Robert Beirne
AGE: 29
Mediocre, at best

I've owned two of these knives in the last 2 years. They both broke. I used them as a general purpose knife for things like cutting small rope, zip ties, and light gauge electrical wire. The blade would end up opening too far and get loose and wobbly. I know it's Chinese, but still not the quality I expected from a buck product. Stick with an American made product, like old timer for a knife of this type.

NAME: Andrew
AGE: 12

I received this as a gift today and it is perfect!! :) GREAT JOB!!!!!!!

NAME: Don henry
AGE: 70
379 solo

I like the size and design but the knife feels as though it may fall apart or break in two even with light task like opening letters or small packages.

NAME: Terry Ellison
AGE: 50

My first Buck and I love it. And it is still wonderful to know there is still a company that gives God all the credit for their success. Thank you.

NAME: Jakob
AGE: 37
Really great small knife

I received this as a gift from my friend, the night before we where out in my back yard and he gave it to me, the next morning I was in my living room on the couch fiddling with it until it closed around my finger... It cut pretty deep and bled like crazy. I'm not sure if my friend sharpened it but I imagine he did not because sharpening this thing would kill your hands but it came really sharp. The isn't really much use for a knife this small because if you're being attacked you're not going to use some tiny knife to defend yourself so all I use it for is sharpening up sticks. Besides that this is a great little small knife.

AGE: 39
Small, sleek and classic

Bought this knife for everyday use. It's perfect for those that wear dress pants to work everyday. It's super thin, with a classic vibe and simple design. It is ideal for those looking for a pocket knife without the bulk and extra weight. If this was ever lost, I'd buy another in a heart beat. A great gift idea too. I am very happy with this cool little knife.

NAME: Johnny Young
AGE: 65
371 Multi-blade

The Buck knife that I purchased is the same as pictured but with multiple blades. I wanted a small pocket knife for everyday utility around the shop and home and this one is perfect. The multiple and varied size blades offer great options for different chores. The handle has a contemporary design that gives it a character all by itself. Its craftsmanship speaks quality and the weight is perfect - not feeling heavy in pants pocket. (5 Anvils)

NAME: Mike
AGE: 64
Pocket perfect

Great size to carry in pocket. Cannot feel it at all. Built well for an inexpensive knife,

NAME: Peter A Cohen
AGE: 62
small knife with a lot of heart

I own a lot of pocket knives, collecting all kinds since I was a Boy Scout. Found this little Buck 379 in the desk of a relative that passed away. My aunt said take anything you want... Best capture I have ever made. It's always in my pocket, stayed Sharpe and the wooden handle looks great...I have to figure who I will pass it on to in about 20 more years...Love the little guy