105 Pathfinder® Knife

105 Pathfinder® Knife

Model #0105BKS-B

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Satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel
Phenolic, Black
Carry System:
Genuine Leather Sheath, Black
Blade Engraving:
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Classic, all-purpose, heavy-duty. This smaller version of the 119 Special is perfect for general outdoor use. Features including full tang construction, a finger guard integrated into the blade, thumb grip ridges and a deep choil help make this knife one of the best options for the serious hunter.

The 105 Pathfinder comes with a genuine leather knife sheath. Engraving is offered on right side (blade facing right).

Made in the USA.
Blade Shape:
Modified Clip
Blade Length:
5" (12.7 cm)
4.5 oz. (128.1 g)
Dymondwood or Phenolic
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

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NAME: allen
AGE: 55
awsome knife!!!!!!!

I've had this knife for a about a year now and I absolutely love it! It's skinned and gutted well over a dozen rabbits and helped me build a couple blinds. mine is the black handled and black sheathed one. I advise everyone to get one!

NAME: George Koehler
AGE: 69
105 Pathfinder - A GREAT KNIFE

I bought this knife in 1962 via mail-order for $13.50. The handle is bone-white phenolic. Also have the sheath (black, with snap button) and both sheath and knife are in excellent condition. I've used this knife for whitetails, rainbow trout, northern pike, squirrels, rabbits and potatoes. The handle fits my hand perfectly. This knife is still in my possession after these many years because I followed my dad's advice and never laid the knife down. I recall that it took a while to sharpen the knife, because the steel was so tough, but once sharp, it stayed sharp for a long time. This guy has served me well over the years and the bone-white handle still turns heads. This truly is a lifetime knife. I recommend it highly.

NAME: Keith
AGE: 44
Pathfinder leads the way.

Received a 105 in 1988 for my birthday. Have carried this knife into the woods every year. Has skinned and processed many deer and turkey. Never failed me.

NAME: Tom Homer
AGE: 77

I bought two of these in November, 2011, one for my bro and the other for myself as Christmas presents. My 105 is just absolutely too pretty to use, it's my "hold and admire" knife! I have plenty of other Buck knives that I use for hunting, backpacking, and hiking. My two work horses are the 119 and the 120 which I used for backpacking the Smokies back in 1982 and it's still like new. When hiking light I have my 110. I have a Buck knife with me on a daily basis and will be buried with one. That's how I feel about Buck knives. Happy trails.

NAME: Takahisa Suzuki
AGE: 48
Love this knife!

A real Buck Knives fan from Yokosuka, Japan. Recently, bought this #105/Pathfinder, Cocobola Wood/Brass Bolster. I have been using #119 Special/Phenolic Handle for almost three (3) decades now, and this is my first (1st) time to buy #105/Pathfinder. I have selected Cocobola/Brass version of #105 since Phenolic seems a little cheap for me. This is an amazing knife!! A little smaller than #119, but is lager than #102, and looks as though this single one (1) heck of a knife can cover all my cutting requirements, including the cooking, batoning/cutting the plenty of woods, etc. This #105 looks so strong, has a nice leather sheath, and is a high quality American Craftmanship. This #105 is absolutely an Old Classic American Traditional Knife with 100% made in U.S.A. Wow, I love this #105, and it`s almost too nice for me to use hard now. So, I will play it in my hand for a while. Thanks Buck! I really love all of your great products of knives!

NAME: D. Mindach
AGE: 58
Bought 1st on in the 1970's, the new one is..

It is OK but no as handy as the 1st generation product. Bulky and not as well finished. Quality is still there underneath, and could be reworked to a much better knife, if you have the time.

NAME: Nick
AGE: 30
Love it

Love this knife bought one for my father in law about 5 years ago he absolutely loves it and bought me mine for christmas cant wait 2 get years of use out of it

NAME: Daniel Groht
AGE: 38
Built for a lifetime

Me and my brother each got a 105 for our birthday back in 1990. I was 12 and he was 13. We both have processed every deer we have ever harvested with these knives. They are as good as the day they were new.

AGE: 47
Great Knife, The Sheath needs just one small change...

I love the knife. At first I was perplexed because it just didn't seem like I was sharpening it right. Tried several different methods/tools. Eventually got an electric sharperner and got that straightened out. Now having processed my 2nd Mule Deer, I used a different buck knife to backup my scalpel type knife, and I wished I had this 105 with me instead. The only bad thing is buck insists on having the butt of their knives extend above where their sheaths wrap over the belt. Well... this causes the waist/hip belt/straps on my hunting pack to cause the knife to want to ride twisted one direction or the other. Making it not easy to get too, and the potential to have it jab into you in a fall. Buck could learn a thing or two from observing how Schrade does their sheaths. Make the sheaths such that the butt of the knife rides a little below the belt line. This would be a huge improvement!

AGE: 55
Great Fit & Style

I have a 2001 105 pathfinder in Cherry wood & brass.... Absolutely a wonderful fixed blade! Sheath is awesome as well. Fills great in the hand. Slimmer profile blade. Sharp!

NAME: Robert Rothfuss
AGE: 40
The all in one

I purchased my 105 at a local knife store near home. I was looking for a strait blade that was slung low enough that I could ride my motorcycle in full gear, without restriction. The 104 pathfinder is perfect for all my needs. Very impressed with the construction and the leather sheath. Look into this knife.

NAME: Andrew Straight
AGE: 18
Great Bushcraft knife

This is an amazing knife. I have had it for a little over a year and a half, and the blade is still as sharp as the day I bought it from my local sporting goods store, despite the fact that I use it for just about anything when I am out Bushing. I have even dropped it into creeks, mud pits, and against rocks, and this blade refuses to quit. I strongly recommend this knife to anyone who is an avid outdoorsman, and requires a quality knife to get them through whatever nature might throw at them.

NAME: Gerald Martin
AGE: 58
My 105

If memory serves me, I've had my Buck 105 since 1972, it has served me well, and continues to do so, I carry it on every hunting trip I take, love mine.

NAME: Frank Del Prete
AGE: 76
Buck knives are great.

I have had this Buck knife for more than fourty years. It has been used for multiple hunting trips as well as years of saltwater fishing. Today it is good asnew, still holds an edge, and has given me years Of great service. One of my favorite knives

NAME: Peter
AGE: 45
Well rounded out door knife

This knife doesn’t get a lot of attention, but it does lots of things very well. It is my go to knife for travel food prep and all round camp chores. The short clip at the point makes the tip tougher than knives like the 110. It is the same blade stock as the 110 and weighs less, with a longer blade. It is thinner than the 119 so it cuts bread, sausages and cheese better without wedging. Being one piece it can be washed with soap and water and no locking mechanism to get sticky, dirty. The blade is narrow, so it works like a boning knife and you can make curving cuts in meat or watermelon what have you. Long enough to be useful, light enough to take anywhere, thin enough to cut food properly and tough enough not to break.

NAME: Chris Hamilton
AGE: 53
Pathfinder 105

Over 25 years age I bought one from a relative for $10.00....Still sharp as ever! Wonder what it's worth!

NAME: Kevin Delaney
AGE: 63
From backup to first choice.

I have been carrying a Buck 105 in my kit as a backup to an expensive custom knife for many years. This year when the custom knife dulled about half way through the first elk taken at our camp I put it in the bag and finished dressing the first elk and then the second with the 105. I will not be going back to the custom, the 105 is a great knife and is now my first choice

NAME: Paul
AGE: 62
A constant go to knife

I carry a Buck 303, I have had the Buck 102 for more than 30 years before it grew legs and left my accountability. Now I have the 105. This is the replacement for my 102. I look forward to the many skined and boned deer in my near future. It will be used for my fishing trips as well. I have been a Buck fan all my life.

AGE: 39
Just Like Dad's

My experience with the Buck 105 goes back more than thirty years. My father taught me to dress deer with his. I can remember looking at the spine of that old knife, and the innumerable dents in it, as I cleaned my first rabbits, then deer. The dents were acquired on particularly tough creatures, both deer and elk. I have seen the spine beaten with a ball peen, the back of a hatchet, a 3# hand sledge and a rock, succeeding where game saws failed, to break stubborn bone. That knife still hunts today. When the time came for me to take my young family hunting, and stop borrowing Dad's gear, no other knife would do. Do not mistake me, I own other knives, far more costly knives received as gifts, but the 105 is my go to knife. It holds a good edge, allowing me to open the critter and skin it later, is tough enough for any sternum or pelvis I have thrown at it, as well as thin and positive enough in the hand for the bladder/rectumectomy. When my wife joins me afield for the first time, she will have her own 105 on her belt.

NAME: David Lee South
AGE: 41
102 Buck woodmans

This knife is more than just a knife , it's a survival tool. I never go out in the woods without it on my side.

AGE: 48

Excellent all purpose/survival knife!One of the best in its category!Highly recommended.

NAME: Preston Hagee
AGE: 49
Hands off my Buck!!

I got my 105 for my 10th birthday in 1975 from my Uncle Jim, cleaned my first deer with it the same year. I dropped it in Calaveras Lake one night in 1988, took me 3 free dives but found it!! Hundreds of hunting and fishing trips latter it is still my go to knife. Thanks Uncle Jim and Buck Knives!!!

NAME: Darrell s
AGE: 66
Giving to grandson

i have had this knife for 40 yrs, time to pass on to grandson. Knife still looks almost new, has served me well.

NAME: John Hebb
AGE: 62

I bought this knife at a shop in Maine. I wanted a knife that I could use for hunting, fishing, boating, and general outdoor use. This knife is perfect for all of the above. It is big enough to handle heavy duty chores, but not too big to carry all the time. This is not my first Buck knife, and it will not be my last.