Is Buck Knives a family owned business?

Yes, Buck Knives is a 4th generation family-owned business. CJ Buck interacts with customers on a weekly basis and just as his father and grandfather did, he is committed to ensuring that Buck Knives is delivering on the promises it makes to its customers, community, and employees.

Does Buck offer factory tours?

Yes. When Buck relocated to Post Falls in February 2005, we took the opportunity to build a state of the art facility that implements world class manufacturing techniques. We welcome you to come by and see how Buck Knives are made. We offer tours year-round, free of charge Monday through Thursday at 10:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m. Tours last about 45 minutes. Closed-toe shoes are a must. Children seven-years and up are welcome.

Please call ahead to make a reservation, as tours fill up fast! 800-326-2825 x172.

Where are Buck knives sold?

You'll find Buck Knives in retail stores, catalogs, online and at other resellers nationally and internationally. If your local retailer doesn't carry Buck, encourage them to do so. To find a dealer near you, check out our Dealer Locator

You can also purchase Buck Knives online through our website.

Where can I get information on becoming a dealer?

Please call (800) 735-2825 or email dealer@buckknives.com.


Why are Buck Knives better?

For over 110 years we have been exploring the best materials, scrutinizing our designs and refining our processes. We inspire and encourage our craftsmen to maintain a passion to preserve the enduring legacy of building knives that can withstand hard use and still hold an edge. We also back them up with our Forever Warranty. This company and our products have survived generations as we continue to take pride in hard work, integrity, quality, and craftsmanship.

We don't cut corners, our Forever Warranty is proof of that. The fact is, our knives are built to last. And if you take good care of your knife, it will take good care of you.

Why does Buck use stainless steel?

We use stainless steels because they meet the exacting needs of the many different types of knives we make. Different elements contribute different performance characteristics, helping them guard against corrosion, and making them hard enough to hold an edge. For more information on the type of steels we use, see our Types of Blade Steels section under "Choosing A Knife."

How does the Rockwell Hardness Scale work?

The Rockwell Scale measures how far you can press a diamond-tipped probe into the surface of the steel. The depth of indentation is measured to determine the hardness. The higher the number the harder the steel. Blade steels are in the range of Rc 52-62. A diamond will range in the 80s on the C scale. Buck maintains a Rc 58 on our standard steel. Our higher end steels range from 59-62, depending on the use.

Why are Buck knives famous for holding their edge?

We choose the right steel for the job. Then we heat-treat or temper each blade with our patented process to meet the demands of the intended use of the knife. Finally, we edge the blades using our very own Edge2xTM Technology.

So, the knife you buy is sharper out-of-the-box, holds an edge longer and is easier to re-sharpen.

How are new products developed?

Product development is the careful embodiment of numerous and oftentimes competing attributes. Lightweight vs. stout enough to perform. Long vs. short. How carried or deployed.

First, we ask a lot of questions of our dealers, engineers, design collaborators, and professionals who use knives. We also administer product surveys and do extensive field-testing. If a new design passes muster, we make sure it meets our exacting technical requirements then we put it into production.

Of course, it doesn't hurt to have over 110 years of experience in the knife making industry under our belts, either.


How do I select the best knife for my needs?

We always suggest talking with a local retailer who carries Buck Knives. Tell them what you need the knife for and they'll direct you to the appropriate models.

You can also check out the Choosing a Knife section to learn more about choosing the right knife.

How can I get a replacement sheath?

Chances are, the sheath will wear out long before the knife does. When that happens, see if it's available on the sheath page of our website, or give us a call at 800-326-2825 x 270.

How do I sharpen and care for my Buck knife?

You can sharpen your knife yourself by following directions in our knife sharpening section. Or, send your knife to us and we'll do a beautiful job for $6.95 per knife plus return shipping. Be sure to pack your knife carefully before shipping it to us. Buck does not offer sharpening services to serrated edges.

How do I get my knife repaired, and what is covered by Buck's Forever Warranty?

Check out our Forever Warranty page to see if the repair you seek is covered. You can always send your knife to us for repair and we'll let you know the costs before we proceed.

Can I get parts for repairing my knife?

If your knife needs to be repaired, please send it to us. We'll let you know the costs before we do any work on your knife. Repairing a Buck knife yourself will void the warranty.

Will my Buck knife and sheath survive in extremely cold climates?

If you experience temperatures in the minus range, try to keep your knife dry and free of ice, and be sure to clean and lubricate your knife regularly.

Do you make custom knives?

Yes, we do. Learn more about custom knives at Buck's Custom Knife Shop. You can choose from a variety of components and see your knife come to life before it's built. You can even personalize it with engraving. We also offer a line of new Legacy (Limited Edition) products each year, but they are not always available online.  Call or email us for more information on current Legacy products.  800-326-2825 x270 or buck@buckknives.com.

What is Prop 65?

Our products are no different now than they were 30 years ago; but, because Buck Knives wants to continue to be a responsible manufacturer and continue to do the right thing, we have decided to include the warning label on our product packaging. Examples of things that have one or more of the items on California's list are; brass, all brass contains lead and always has; stainless steel contains chromium. Both lead and chromium are on California's list.

CA Prop 65 is nothing new; it was enacted in California only, in 1986. It is essentially a regulation designed to inform the California consumer as part of California's "Right to Know". Under CA Prop 65, a list of various chemicals and substances was created that the state of California determined MIGHT, cause birth defects, cancer, etc if a person ingested, inhaled or absorbed enough of one of the items. So, as part of California's Right to Know, any/all products that contain one of the items on their list must have that warning label on it so the consumer can see it before he or she buys it. This doesn't mean all companies apply the label to products even if they should.

The warning appears on products sold across the country even though the label is only a California requirement. That's because companies like Buck Knives do not always know where their products will be sold so it is easier and less expensive to label all of their products.

Most people have seen this warning more times than they can count and don't realize it any longer. It is on most gas pumps, including those in states outside of California, virtually all fishing gear (especially lead sinkers), all ammunition and thousands of other products; it is even on all standard garden hoses and some dishes.

Got a question we didn't think of?

If you still don't find what you're looking for, give us a call at 800-326-2825 x3 or send us an email at buck@buckknives.com or chat with us by using the online chat button.