Buck's Forever Warranty

As my father Chuck Buck would say, if this is your first Buck knife, "welcome aboard." You are now part of a very large family. We think of each one of our users as a member of the Buck Knives family, and we take care of our own.

Now that you are family, you might want to know a little more about us. Dad said it best when he said, "The fantastic growth of Buck Knives, Inc. was no accident. From the beginning, we determined to make God the Senior Partner. In a crisis, the problem was turned over to Him, and He hasn't failed to help us with the answer. Each knife must reflect the integrity of management. If some¬times we fail on our end, because we are human, we find it imperative to do our utmost to make it right. If any of you are troubled or perplexed and looking for answers, may we invite you to look to Him, for God loves you."

We have stood by these values since 1902 and honor our products with this Forever Warranty. Please don't hesitate to contact us regarding your knife.

CJ Buck

President, CEO, Chairman of Buck Knives

Please note if your knife has sentimental value when you send the knife to us so that we can determine whether to repair or replace.

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The BUCK Forever Warranty

We warranty each and every Buck knife to be free of defects in material and workmanship for the life of the knife, and we will repair or replace with a new Buck knife, at our option, any Buck knife that is defective. Buck Knives does not warrant its products against normal wear, misuse, or product modifications. Buck Knives are not intended to be used as hammers, chisels, pry bars or screwdrivers.

If your knife was damaged due to misuse, our repair department can analyze the damage and repair it for a reasonable fee. If the knife is unable to be repaired, we will extend a one- time courtesy offer, allowing you the option to purchase a new knife for 50% off of our MSRP price listed on the website, excluding any custom knives or web specials.

Product Service

How should I send my product?

You're welcome to return your product by any shipping method that is most convenient for you. However, if you choose to send your product through the U.S. Postal Service, we do recommend you attain Delivery Confirmation. This will help provide assurance to you that the product has arrived to our facility. 

Instructions for sending your product in for evaluation:

Step #1- Prepare your knife for shipment. For the safety of our technicians, please clean away any dirt or debris such as blood or animal matter from your knife.

Step #2- Package your knife securely in a box. Be sure the knife cannot move or shift while inside the package. Please make sure there are no loose blades that will fall out and harm a technician. Shipping your knife in a padded, or regular paper envelope is NOT recommended, as the knife could easily fall out and get lost. Buck Knives is not responsible for lost or stolen knives. Please do not use popcorn foam when shipping.

Step #3- Please click here to fill out a warranty repair form and print and include with your knife. Please be sure to fill out every section.

Warranty Repair Form 

Step #4- Send your package to:

Buck Knives Inc.
Attention: Warranty
660 S. Lochsa Street
Post Falls, ID 83854

 Warranty FAQ's

When will I receive my product back?
Turnaround time is:
April thru August 4-6 weeks
September thru March 6-8 weeks

Will Buck pay to have my product sent to their facility?
Buck will not pay for the freight costs to their facility. However, Buck will pay for all return expenses to your residence or business for warranty services.

Can I send my Buck Knife to the factory to have it sharpened?
Buck Knives does provide a sharpening service for Buck Knives only that will put that factory edge back on to your knives. The charge for this service is $6.95 per knife and that includes Buck knives shipping your knife back to you.

I broke a blade and would like to replace the part myself, can you send me the part I need or can I get it from a Buck retailer?

For liability reasons, we do not sell or send individual blades, parts, or anything that would require disassembly of the product, through the mail. Our products are designed to be disassembled by our factory-trained personnel only. Attempting to disassemble your Buck product yourself could result in lost components, compromise the knife's functionality and void the warranty.

Buck Knives can replace a blade not covered under warranty for $10.00

Warranty Repair Form- print this form out and ship with your knife.

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