EdgeTek Ultra Steel 10"

EdgeTek Ultra Steel 10

Model #97082-B

Tri-Grit: 325 Coarse, 750 Medium and 1200 Fine. Size: 10" x 1/2", overall length: 15 3/4", weight: 6.9 oz. The EdgeTek Ultra Steel 10" sharpener offers an easy carry sharpener with a 100% diamond coated three-sided surface and oval contour for sharpening a wide variety of blade edges. It is lightweight and perfect for storage in a kitchen drawer or toolbox. It is designed to handle a variety of blade geometries and provides the right grit for any task. Made in the USA

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NAME: Russell McClellan
AGE: 53

After receiving my 10" Edgetek triple grit sharpener I started with my small pocket knife. After a few strokes using all sides I had a super sharp, better than new blade. Then I went to my large Buck nighthawk with factory edge and honed it into a scary sharp yet durable edge. This is by far the best,easiest to use sharpener I've ever used.