Silver Creek Folding Fillet

Silver Creek Folding Fillet

Model #0220BLS-B

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Titanium Coated, 420J2 Steel
Rubber, Blue
Carry System:
Large lanyard loop


Safe, reliable and durable. This folding fillet knife has a titanium coated blade and is designed for added flexibility and corrosion resistance, a rubberized anti-slip grip and a stainless steel safety guard. The convenient size when folded makes this knife convenient to carry on any fishing trip! Length 7 1/4" closed. Imported.
Blade Shape:
Blade Length:
6 1/2" (16.5 cm)
6 oz. (170.1 g)
Carry System:

Available Features and Options

420J2 Stainless Steel

General-purpose stainless steel. 420J2 is well suited for routine applications, is easily sharpened, and offers a great blend of hardness and wear resistance


Fillet Knife

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NAME: Jason Delgado
AGE: 35
perfect, compact, but........

Love the concept of this folding filllet knife. If your an avid hunter/fisherman or a weekend warrior this knife is top of the line. However I am sending mine back it will not stay locke . Let's see how well Buck Knives stands behind their warranty? One year old knife that have washed and dryed after every use.

NAME: Todd Petzel
AGE: 62
Best fishing knife I've ever owned

When visiting Alaska a few years ago I became enamored with a locally crafted, wood handled filet knife. The maker asked me if I was really going to use it, or just look at it. When I said use it, he suggested this Buck Knife as the solution his friends used. I appreciated his honesty and this knife has become the workhorse of many trips into the BWCA and Quetico. Love the balance, strength and flexibility of this knife so much I bought another one to use at home in the kitchen. Great product. Thanks.

NAME: Sam Abadir
AGE: 45
Great knife but...

I love this knife. Its strong, long and compact. Absolutely perfect except...I find this knife is a bit more sensitive to crud than any other knife I have. I have a problem right now where when it is closed the blade will move an inch open. This is a SHARP knife so that has been a problem. I am going to send it in for warranty work just to make sure it is not a defect. Hope that fixes it...I love this thing.

NAME: Ron Clement
AGE: 48
Made in China

I purchased 2 of these online. I own an older buck folding filet knife and it is my favorite knife for camping, travelling etc. So I bought 2 more, of this newer model - one as a gift for my son and 1 for traveling. When I received them I first noticed how heavy the box was. The knife itself is very heavy and not a good fit for lightweight camping/fishing. I had assumed that the newer models would be light as the old ones were- after all -the reason we want a folding knife is to make it more portable - lightweight goes along with that. Secondly, the knife is MADE IN CHINA. I was very careful in ordering what I thought was made in the USA product. Search for BUCK knives through Google and the first thing listed under BUCKS site is "American Made". I have been to their site and cannot find anything that indicates otherwise, so I believed them and assumed that all their knives were still American Made. Not so. I would not have ordered them knowing that. I do feel I was misled by Buck

NAME: Richard Barnes
AGE: 46
Serious design flaw

Having owned this Fillet knife for 2 years I noticed the lock mechanism wasn't functioning, it was severely rusted and seized. Why Buck would use a part that could rust severely in a fillet knife is ridiculous. The rest of the knife is corrosion proof. Will report back on whether they cover it as a design flaw or fluff it off as neglect for not soaking it in oil. Yes I always dry my knives in a part open state for 24 hours. I have yet to oil my previous 20 year old Fillet knife. Its sensibly was constructed with all stainless parts though. Its a sharp looking and functioning knife but really missed on functionality. Weight is on the heavy side for a compact portable design as well.