Sheath - 140 PakLite Skinner

Sheath - 140 PakLite Skinner

Model #0140-15-BK

Heavy-duty black polyester sheath for your PakLite Skinner.
7 1/8" x 2 1/2"
**Knife not included. This is the sheath only.

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NAME: Greg Westhoff
AGE: 37
Knife at hand

True luxury, I have learned comes down two things I bright flashlight and a sharp knife. This lesson was taught to me by my father able to teach me long after I left the house and was million miles away. I think it was second or third deployment to Iraq as a Huey crewchief. Long after my illusions of what a knife was for (ie. Self defense) were set aside for reality. Although people who carry a knife don't get in fist fights. But to reshape the world to fit your needs. The theory of of knife I teach my Marines is to make something more whole but removing the unwanted portion. This is what makes man resourceful what separates us from other primates. He sent me a buck pocketknife and after all my friends found how much they saw me use it and how much they borrowed it, they went out and bought their own. But this new packlight skinner has proved to be the most usable knife I have ever owed. Many compromises come with and folding blade knife, which I won't get into. But it's major advantage is it is always there. This knife has found a home on my right boot and has made me the amature engineer my pilots have come to count on to get us through some of the unforeseen dangers inherent in severing my country. Thank you buck. For your service to humanity.