Sheath - 119 Special

Sheath - 119 Special

Model #0119-05-BK

Rugged Black leather sheath for a model 119 Special®.
9 7/8" x 1 3/4"
**Knife not included. This is the sheath only.

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AGE: 43
25 + years and still works like new

I will judge this knife based solely on my direct experience of over 20 yrs of reliability and usefulness. Most of the time my trusty 119 sits in my truck or frequently in my tool box... always safely tucked away in the original leather sheath. It has seen years of action while camping, moving, shooting, hiking, backpacking, and more. It has been dropped, thrown, soaked, pounded, sliced, diced, shared and everything else you would expect to do with a larger-sized quality knife. This is still my go-to knife when I need to get something done. From cutting rope to slicing a small wire, to cutting open a box or minor wood chipping, it is there and it is reliable. If you want to judge a knife based on fancy packaging, gimmicky sheaths, bright colors, national advertising, or paid big-name actors then go ahead and buy some other knife. If you judge your knife by the one you instantly and instinctively grab for whenever duty calls then THIS IS YOUR KNIFE. One more thing, after 20 years, my knife has taken quite a beating yet the blade is sharp and as strong as when it was new. It is slightly scratched and battle-scarred but it is still a thing of beauty and, to me, a piece of "working" art.

NAME: Nathan
AGE: 29
Absolutely incredible

I have to say that this is the best quality knife I have ever purchased. It feels amazing and comes incredibly sharp.

NAME: bill
AGE: 39
i love it

i love this knife i have had one for about 20 yrs i use mine for hunting.i love the fill of the knife and i will not go hunting with out it!!!! this knife will gut deer or elk like there is no tomorrow i have given them out for birthdays to my dad and friends they all will not use any other knife if u ask me the 119 is a all around knife great job buck

NAME: David
AGE: 21
Work-Force Worthy.

I've used this knife that I bought half off out of a hardware store for 3 years. It's been through concrete work, splitting forms apart, to mill/industrial work, it's been through it. And we're still going strong.

NAME: Renee Morcom
AGE: 48
Best Hunting Knife Hands Down!

I purchased this knife and the sheath 24 years ago. This is the only knife that we use for deer hunting. The weight is perfectly balanced so it is comfortable in your hand. We sharpen it every year at the end of season so it is ready to go the following year. Do not hesitate to purchase this quality product.

NAME: Steve O'Farrell
AGE: 61
My Buck 119 Special

I bought my Buck Special in 1973, and it is still my go to tool while hunting, camping, and on two rare occasions, personal protection. The original foldover sheath was ok, but I prefer the new style sheath. This knife will be around longer than I will be! Cheers!