Sentry™ Knife

Sentry™ Knife

Model #0822BKX-B


Current Selection
Black Traction, 420HC Stainless Steel
Carry System:
Heavy Duty Nylon Sheath, Black


Tough and reliable, the Sentry™ serves as a personal guard for field missions. It comes prepared with a full-tang, serrated 420HC blade in Buck’s Black Traction coating. M.O.L.L.E. sheath included. Made in the USA
Blade Shape:
Blade Length:
5" (12.7 cm)
6.6 oz. (187.9 g)
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.


The crescent tip makes the blade thinner with a sharper point. This shape provides good control for detail work and cutting in tight places. It is also well suited for intentional punctures like new holes in your belt, etc. While the point of the blade is effective for detail work, it's not as strong as the thicker points on drop points and skinners.


Serrations give your Buck blade greater cutting power. Especially useful when cutting line and/or cables.

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NAME: Patrick wahl
AGE: 54
Sentry review

A great knive almost indestructible. Edge holds great and easy to sharpen.. Perfect knive for camping and all outdoor activities. A great knife.. Overall 5 stars. Highly recommend

AGE: 28
Right on

Decided to stop by the Buck factory today after work and man did I luck out! They happened to be having a 50% off sale. Picked this bad boy up along with a bunch of other items! I thought this would be a great camp/ general outdoor knife. Came with a great sheath, is made here in Idaho and I could not be happier. Glad I picked this up. Thanks

NAME: Dave O Connell
AGE: 57
Great Piece of kit

I purchased the Buck Sentry 822 recently.What a wonderful piece of kit! It is robust functional and aesthetically pleasing.As if that was not enough the knife only weighs six and a half ounces.The sheath does not disappoint either.Like the knife its made to endure.You guys at Buck take a bow!

NAME: Bill
AGE: 65
dull serrations

Serrations are very dull. Not recommended.

NAME: Cliff
AGE: 50
Great All-Around Knife

What makes a great all-around knife? I think the Buck Sentry has those features. 1. Good steel that takes an edge, holds an edge, and is durable. Buck's 420 HC steel is strong, rust resistant, and has a reputation for toughness. 2. Good ergonomics which help the user cut effectively, efficiently, and safely. The clip-point blade is easy to slice and pierce with, has enough belly for skinning, and the length is just right for most typical work. The serrated blade is a matter of personal preference, but can be useful for certain applications. The handle is comfortable, allowing a firm hold for medium and large hands, and prevents fatigue. 3. Good craftsmanship is apparent in the sharp edge, even grinds, evenly applied coating, excellent ergonomics and pleasing shape, and in the "Forever Warranty." I think the Buck Sentry has all the features required of a great all-around knife, be it for EDC, hunting, survival, defense, or tactical use. When one considers all these features, the warranty, and the price, I suspect others will agree!

AGE: 31
Great Knife

Got this knife as a Christmas gift a few years back. Fantastic knife. Durable, strong, and has kept it's edge with very little sharpening. 5 stars.