Marksman™ Knife


Model #0830BKS-B

Current Selection
Satin Finish, 154CM Steel
Anodized aluminum, Black
Carry System:
Removable, reversible, discreet deep pocket carry


When Buck designed the Marksman™, the features definitely deliver one of the strongest locking blades available for tactical operatives. Utilizing the locking mechanism developed by Grant and Gavin Hawk, the new SLS (Strong Lock System) is one of the strongest locking mechanisms on the market. The SLS, once deployed, offers the strength of a fixed blade.
An innovative ball bearing pivot system allows for quick and easy opening by simply sliding one finger along the strap. Fully opening the blade securely engages the SLS. With a hefty blade of 154CM steel and a solid aluminum handle, the Marksman™ is designed for heavy tactical operations. Made in the USA.

This knife is prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada, Part 3 Firearms and other Weapons, Section 84 and cannot be shipped into Canada. See our shipping policy for more info :
Blade Shape:
Drop Point
Blade Length:
3 1/2" (8.9 cm)
4 oz. (113.9 g)
Carry System:
Pocket Clip
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

One Handed Opening

Has a thumb stud, blade hole or other feature to facilitate one-hand use. Some models are one-hand opening and one-hand closing as well.

154CM Steel

This steel is ideal for excellent edge retention, great corrosion resistance and for heavy cutting applications. For best performance, we harden to a standard Rc 59-61.

Drop Point

This blade is full bellied with a strong, thick point for heavier tasks. It can also be used as a general work knife. The top of the blade drops down toward the tip, which minimizes accidental puncturing while skinning. The drop point blade is strong and very versatile.

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Average Rating:
NAME: jay
AGE: 35

This knife is very well built. The ball bearing action is super smooth and fast. The knife has a very nice weight to it and feels great in the hand. I would definitely recommend this knife.

NAME: Joseph Williams
AGE: 14
Good Knife

Good knife, but had an issue when I bought it. When I bought it the blade wouldn't lock, however when I loosened the screws on the top, the knife locked and now I love it.

NAME: Rob Kennedy
AGE: 25
Outstanding Folder

I ordered this blade from Buck last year when they sent out a coupon code and am very glad I did. The Bos heat treat on the 154 is the best I've found on this blade steel. Great edge retention and easy to resharpen. The lock design is great and can be closed with one hand once the right technique is learned. Very smooth ball bearing action and lightweight aluminum handle give this knife a great balance and feel. The handle gives just enough traction to prevent slipping in any situation but doesn't create hot spots under extended us. The quality is excellent, as is the company it came from. I highly recommend this knife for an EDC or "tactical" blade.

NAME: Stephen Ross
AGE: 18
Buck's new standard

This knife is the most solid folder I've held. The new SLS is solid, their is absolutely no play or wiggle in the blade, the opening is smooth and quick, and it absolutely fits my expectations. The only possible knock is closing the knife. It is possible to close it one-handed, but it is difficult and takes some practice. It really does take two hands to close it, but that's only a minor inconvenience that doesn't hurt the rating I give this knife. As a part of Buck's new push to enter the modern "tactical" market, this is perfect. If Buck keeps up this level or perfection and innovation, they will be a force among the knife manufacturers.

NAME: Preston Eldridge
AGE: 13
great knife great company

When i first opened this knife i knew that it was going to get the job done. it was smooth opening has great steel, great blade shape, and it was solid. sadly I dropped it on the driveway and the locking system was not right so I tried to tighten it but I striped the screws out.I was all ready sending my 120 general in so i thought I should ask how to get more screws. 5 days later I actually get a call from buck asking what screws I needed and that that they would send the screws with my 120 general. In conclusion not only do I rate this knife 5 stares I also rate the company and company service 5 stares

NAME: Doug Patterson
AGE: 54
Very Happy w/ Marksman

My job requires me to cut a lot of fiberboard cartons and blue 3" packing foam. Until recently I'd been very happy with the performance of my 119 fixed blade. The clip point was nearly ideal for small penetrations and detail work, while the aggressive belly made for smooth, accurate curves, while the long edge allowed me to make single smooth cuts along straight edges. The edge held up to cardboard occasional quick maintenance. Unfortunately my supervisor was not comfortable with me wearing/using a sheith knife on the job: It was commented on by a customer taking a floor-tour. I was told to take my knife home. The company issued a round-nose 10" titanium bread knife (saw) as an alternative. We tried to make these work, but the results were disconcerting. Clouds of saw dust were produced by the saw edges. There was no point for detail work. The long straight foam edges now looked like they had been cut with a chainsaw. The Ti-blades would go dull when we had to cut cardboard, and nobody knew how to sharpen the complex edges. As the deficiencies the bread knives were obvious to management, we got permission to use pocket-folding knives. Knives that customers might not see when we are not using them. I purchased an 830 about a month ago for this purpose, and I've been using it as an EDC since. I'm very impressed. The all metal construction holds up to hard use. The unusual lock is reliable, and strong enough to give me the confidence to muscle through sticky spots. The quick-one-handed deployment makes it an adequate replacement for my fixed blade: I like the unique ssscht-thump it makes on opening. While I miss the blade length for some cuts, the drop point and 3.5+" blade allow controllable smooth push and draw cuts. At the end of the week, I find the open, simple design easy to clean. The 154CM is harder than any other knife I own, but it's still reasonable to stone, and hasn't chipped at all so far. The knife is maintainable in all the ways that used to make me uncomfortable with folders. I can tighten the pivot bolts if the blade feels loose, and make small adjustments to the strap when needed. I can hardly ask for more. And the knife folds up and sits deep in my pocket due to its handy reversible clip. It's somehow socially acceptable. The basic materials and workmanship are really impressive, the action, while unusual, is very quick and ball bearing smooth. Nice product. I look forward to seeing what more you do with this design.

NAME: Ron Mucci
AGE: 70
What a great knife

The ease of opening and the sharpness of the blade are outstanding. I use a Dan's soft Arkansas Whet Stone to sharpen my knife. Man, it's like a razor. Your blade material is really good. I have used many knives in my day, from the Marines to regular home and camping use and this is by far the very best knife I own....Thanks for a great design and the smooth opening feature is the greatest.

NAME: American1911
AGE: 40
Is This Legal :)

This is a fast opening knife. I love American ingenuity. Don't bother with all the restrictions on autos, get this knife instead. The deep hollow grind cuts through cardboard without wedging. First rate materials throughout. The only modifications I made to this knife was to dull the sharp corners of the locking strap and flipper tab.