Kinetic Fishing Spear


Model #0074SSS-B

Current Selection
420HC Stainless Steel
Carry System:
Heavy-duty polypropylene sheath


Calling all primitive hunters! Primitive hunting continues to rise in popularity. Buck Knives is proud to provide the Kinetic Spear Series, consisting of three spears designed for the ultimate hunting experience. The Kinetic Fishing Spear features 4 points constructed with 420HC steel and a chisel edge to easily remove bark from a spear pole (not included). The Fishing Spear can be mounted to a spear pole easily by utilizing the chisel edge and 550 cord (included). With an overall length of 9", the Fishing Spear is the perfect size for primitive fishing. Comes with a multi-configurable sheath that can be used to protect the user and the spear when not in use. For more primitive hunting options, see our other products in the Kinetic Spear Series. Please follow all safety instructions. Made in the USA
Blade Thickness:
12.6 oz. (357 g)
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

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NAME: Nick Koenig
AGE: 33

It is nearly impossible to secure the blades and lock them in place. In addition, this over-priced gig/spear broke on me during week 3 of frog gigging season. When I called customer service, they told me they may/may not cover it under warranty and it will take up to 8 weeks. I am VERY disappointed with this high-cost gig and Buck knives leaving me hanging in the middle of season.

NAME: James Lambert
AGE: 55
A modern version of an old and proven desighn that truly works!

This 4 prong fishing spear is nothing new although Buck was Briliant, by making a modern version out of metal.This fishing spear has been used by the Native American's for hundreds of years with a tremendous success I may add. Buck has further improved this age old tool by making it from a stainless steel and a Briliant locking system plus, a wonderfull quick tear down desighn so it can be torn apart for fast and safe traveling without any injurys or damage to the tool or user. I own one and think it is to be praised for all the new or modern thinking that has went into this new and improved design.