Bantam® BHW Knife

Bantam® BHW Knife

Model #0286BKS-B

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Satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel
Glass reinforced nylon, black
Carry System:
Stainless steel pocket clip, removable
Blade Engraving:
Line 1:
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The largest of the Bantam line of knives, the BHW® features a mid-lockback design, ridges at the top for added grip and lanyard hole for easy attachment. Durable, lightweight and compact, these knvies are the perfect knife for a variety of tasks.The textured handle offers a firm and well-balanced grip. Bantams are available in a variety of handle patterns! Length 5 1/8" closed. Made in the USA of USA and Imported Parts
Blade Shape:
Drop Point
Blade Length:
3 3/4" (9.5 cm)
3.2 oz. (91.1 g)
Carry System:
Pocket Clip
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

One Handed Opening

Has a thumb stud, blade hole or other feature to facilitate one-hand use. Some models are one-hand opening and one-hand closing as well.

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

Drop Point

This blade is full bellied with a strong, thick point for heavier tasks. It can also be used as a general work knife. The top of the blade drops down toward the tip, which minimizes accidental puncturing while skinning. The drop point blade is strong and very versatile.

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NAME: mike
AGE: 48
Buck Bantam

Great knife. I purchased this for my son, age 12 for his birthday . He is now able to hunt and he also traps so this is a great all-purpose knife. comfortable in the hand, strong, and holds edge well. comes with a pocket clip too. great general purpose knife. can also be used for deer sized animals. Best of all its made in USA! and is very reasonably priced.

NAME: Gray Wolf
AGE: 51
Maximum versatility for minimum money

I am happy to wear the knife in Your production Bantam BHW 0286BKS-B, purchased 5 years ago. The model is very good - light weight, good blade length, comfortable for one-handed use (in contrast to the 110-th model), and loved the metal blade! I also have a knife from Chris Reeves (Sebenza Large 21) with the material of the blade is CPM-S35VN, and I can't say that Sebenza cuts better. Question: - why pay $ 410 instead of $ 35? Buck is the best! This knife with me everywhere: - at home, in tourist trips, outings. Thank you for a lovely assistant!

NAME: Edward
AGE: 60
Great Knife!!!

This is my second Bantam knife. I managed to lose the first one and decided to get another one since they offered me a sale I couldn't refuse!!! The knife is about the lightest one you will ever carry for this size, and you can open it with one hand and it came razor sharp. I am totally delighted with it and it will be my EDC.

NAME: Ryan
AGE: 19

It was one of the junkiest knives I've ever bought. Highly disappointed, it was my 3rd Buck knife, and the other two are amazing knives. But this one was absolutely horrible. It was dull,badly put together, not cleanly sharpened, and all around junky

NAME: Dominic
AGE: 18
Fell apart.

I bought this knife a while ago from Sportsman's warehouse. It was good at first the problems quickly started happening. Let me start by saying I'm not gentle with my knives. I buy them to use them for whatever I need of them. The first problem that happened was blade play after using it to cut some thick rope. It was a very small amount but got progressively worse with more general use. The second problem was bad blade chipping. It got a chip in the blade after cleaning a catfish. I'm not sure exactly when or how but the chip took off about half a centimeter of bevel off the blade. I let it be because it wasn't on the belly of the blade and figured it would come out over time with general sharpening. I didn't sharpen the blade at all up to this point as it was still sharp. At work a couple days later I needed to open boxes and then cut them down after emptying them. A couple boxes in and the bevel just kept chipping. At this point I figured I could just send it in to buck and have them do a factory resharpen and fix the blade play because I did still like the knife at that point. I didn't want to take my own time and fix the bevel. I left the knife alone for a while until I used it to cut some twine at home real quick. I put it on a stool which uncle knocked over while we were moving tools. It fell onto the floor while folded and the spring that works the lock popped out of place. At this point I don't even want to bother sending it to buck. I might have gotten a bad example but it has left a bad taste in my mouth concerning buck. There are things I liked about the knife such as how light it is considering the size. Held an edge for a good time until the chipping, and the handle ergonomics. I say make sure you get a good piece if decide to buy one.

AGE: 52

This has turned in to my EDC knife. I have, and still do, carry a 110 on my belt, however, I find myself grabbing the 286 unconsciously now every time I need a knife. Sharp right out of the box and holds an amazing edge no matter what I'm cutting. Love the quality workmanship and I find it hard to believe how light it is for such a sturdy knife. Well done Buck made in U.S.A.

NAME: David Wetherbee
AGE: 51
Engraving error due to bucks website

I am satisfied with final product. When ordering I double checked what I wanted engraved so when I received the first knife and the name was incorrect I was upset. When I called Buck I was told I received what I ordered and If I wanted it changed I would have to pay. I asked to speak to supervisor but no one called back. After playing with Bucks website I found that I used auto fill instead of typing all letters. This showed that I typed in the entire name but Buck only received the first letters I typed. When I called back with this information I was treated nice and Buck replaced my knife free of charge which took an additional 11 days. It is now a month later and their website is not fixed. If you personalize your knife make sure you type all letters and take a screenshot for proof.

NAME: James
AGE: 30
Skeptical at first...

I bought this knife because it was on sale. I needed a new all around knife that could be used regularly and hold up to some strong use. I paid $38.00 CDN for this knife through Amazon and let me tell you, I am now a believer, This knife has everything you could ask for in an economy folder. It looks AMAZING, the ergonomics are spot on, the mid-back lock is super strong and that edge comes razor sharp and it really does hold well. I have some knives that range into the $200+ mark and this knife holds its own against even them. Did I mention is very light weight? I used this knife last hunting season and, aside from the large bones, this blade broke down 90% of the game I took down. Top it all off with that forever warranty and I'd say you'd be a dummy not to own at least one...or two. Buy it now!!!

NAME: Tim Chapman
AGE: 57
Project knife

I see how Buck got to this price point (blade not polished, lite weight handle, pinned construction) and I have no problem with that. It`s well built. What I do have a problem with is the edge. While indeed sharp, it has the appearance of being cut with a coarse file. 2 X technology ? Really ? Not impressed. After some work on stones and a strop I have a nice mirror edge that pops hair and no nasty grind marks. For the money it`s a Buck. Would I buy another ? Not so sure.

NAME: Benji
AGE: 20
The Jack of all Knives

I have several different knives from folding to spring assisted to fixed to serrated, and this is my favorite. I got it as a wedding gift from my brother and it has served as my work knife and every day carry knife. It has everything you want in a knife, long and sharp blade but is still legal, sturdy, wonderful appearance, and durable. Even my hunting friends were impressed with it. If anything, the handle material would be better if it was metal, but I haven't seen it scratch or break yet so I think it's more than durable enough. Would buy again.

NAME: Dominic
AGE: 19
2nd one is awesome.

I left a review a while back about my first bantam which was pretty bad. I picked up a second for $10 on sale at a local store. This one is the buck I know and love. Definitely made up for the problems with my first one. Been using it for Months and it only needs a little sharpening to shave hair. I've been using my buck knives exclusively for awhile and this one is part of Edc rotation. I would just say inspect yours before buying if possible.

NAME: Casey
AGE: 18
Reliable, Comfortable, Lightweight

Best knife I have ever purchased or received. It is sturdy enough to handle everyday use for years, it's large enough to handle tougher applications, and my favorite thing about it is the handle. It fits very comfortably in my hand, providing plenty of grip. Also, being made out of whatever plastic they use, it is ultra-lightweight for the size. I was shocked when I picked it up- it felt like a feather compared to other knives I've carried. Great product.

NAME: Levi
AGE: 15
Great Knife

I own 3 Buck knives: the classic 110 ranger, the Vantage Select small, and this BHW. This knife is a solid beast. It feels like a vault when the lock clunks open and shut. Razor sharp, lightweight, solid, handsome, and ergonomic, it's an awesome knife, especially for $25-$35!

NAME: Wilbur
AGE: 20
Second Bantam

I would only review a knife after I owned it for a few years. The BHW is my second bantam. I bought the smallest one first, the BBW and that was incredible. After about 2 years of hardcore usage I decided to get the BHW. I have had this for about 3 years and only had to sharpen it 5 times. The knife is lightweight, sturdy and durable. Also, it is extremely sharp. This is the best knife I have ever bought and I would and have recommended this to people.

NAME: Nikko
AGE: 24
Second one

I actually picked this up for $18 at the Coast Guard exchange and ended up dropping it somewhere and losing it for good. I got tired of carrying my little Gerber everyday and wanted to go back to Buck so i just ordered mine and couldn't be more excited! I also picked up a second one just to qualify for free shipping! haha!

NAME: Jake
AGE: 38
Great Work Knife

This was a gift from a buddy of mine. I carry it every day. The handle material makes it very light and for it's size you don't even notice it. The blade is great. This knive has been in my pocket over a year. That's a personal best. I abuse this knife and it doesn't care. For stainless the blade is great and holds an edge very well. Definitely recommend for anyone looking for a great pocket clip work knife.

NAME: John Samol
AGE: 64

very good us full knife for everyday carry I have the smaller version and I just bought this one with the pocket clip easy to carry and use very lightwieht.

NAME: Jon Brown
AGE: 17
My best knife

I started collecting/using knives when I was 8, some of my other knives took hours of sharpening to make as great as this at factory sharpening. I use this at work, and for most chores everyday. If you need a knife of high quality, low price, and wicked durable; YOU NEED THIS KNIFE!!!

NAME: Jeremy Loucks
AGE: 37
Best Knife Ever

I carried a Gerber for several years until I tired of sharpening and resharpening it while skinning the same deer. With this knife, I can skin and quarter 2 or 3 deer before I need to sharpen it. Love it!!!

NAME: eric
AGE: 35
great knife

love this knife, it is the perfect knife for everyday carry in my opinion, light weight good blade length to handle ratio feel is that makes sense to you haha. i like the pocket clip were it is and the thumb knob to help opening is nice spot. just feel good in the hand, like i say, perfect knife

NAME: Jr1st
AGE: 18
Great knife

I bought mine a few years ago. My knife is In the blaze camo pattern. I am getting my dad a black one for Father's Day. I have used my knife every day. I will buy another one after this one. This one has many years left.

NAME: Molly K
AGE: 43
I just love this knife!

I bought this when my old folding knife broke. The pink camo pattern is very attractive, and the knife is easy to operate, tough as nails, and durable. I carry mine everywhere, and use it for almost everything. If it ever breaks, I will get another one exactly like it...though as tough as this thing is, that might never happen haha. You can't go wrong with a Buck knife!

NAME: Mark
AGE: 55
Best EDC

I have had one for 3 years. Light, strong, keeps and edge, and will open mail, cut boxes, and then skin a deer without breaking a sweat. Outstanding American craftsmanship. I have bought many more as gifts, for my BOB, each vehicle, etc

NAME: Trey
AGE: 53

About the largest blade you will find on a folding knife. Bought it for outdoor use in orange to keep from losing it in the brush during use.

NAME: Takahisa Suzuki
AGE: 47
A Best One in Bantam Series

Living in Japan, as a pure Japanese with really a fan of Buck Knives for over three (3) decades now. Bought this BHW/#286 with White Head Hunterz recently as to the BLW/#285 that I have also purchased previously has been such a Great Knife. This BHW/#286 is also a Great Knife!! A little larger than BLW/#285, with the perfect Grip, Blade, and is really easy for one (1) Hand Opening!! Some of the parts must be Imported Parts, but Buck Quality absolutely wins against any cheap products mfr in the foreign country!! For Folding Hunter Series, I like smaller version of #112 rather than #110, but for Bantam Series, this largest size of BLW/#286 is my best favorite since it has the light enough weight to carry as EDC Knife with the biggest Blade. Again, a great job, my #1 Knife Maker in U.S.A!!

AGE: 42
Was mine and now it's my wife's new EDC...

I have three buck knives (Ergohunter Pro 498, Bantam BHW and the Classic 112). I used the Bantam as my EDC until one day my wife went hiking on her own and grabbed it from the table to carry on her hike. She loved how light it is and easy to grip. It has become her EDC which means now I don't have a Bantam anymore because she won't give it back. For $35 I guess I will buy another one. Happy wife...Happy life.

AGE: 13

I got a buck bantam (not really sure witch one) as a gif from an older fellow at our church who was a farmer. I was about 11 years old I took this knife every were and did lots of stuff with it im 13 now and I still have it the only problem I have is when it is as old as the one I have (the man who gave it to my used it a lot so ya) it is not the best at holding an edge so I just have to sharpen it often but deer season is coming up and I'm planning on looking at a new buck possibly a bantam so over all great great great buy

NAME: Charles cottrell
AGE: 65

This bantum is a nice knife and the price is right. Right out of the box everything worked as should......the snap was outstanding. If I use this knife for what it was intended I feel it will last a long, long time. It's not a prybar, it's not for throwing, it's not a hammer, it's a knife made for slicing and cutting. It's a great knife for the money.