Model #0898ORS-B

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Satin Finish, S30V Vanadium, S30V stainless steel
Safety Orange Cerakote® coated
Carry System:
Removable, discreet deep pocket carry


Introducing Buck's straight forward automatic tool designed for the everyday user. The Impact springs open with the push of a button, readying the S30V steel blade for quick action. The safety switch keeps the knife locked open and closed for safe use and carry while the aluminum handle features a textured inlay for a secure grip.

Made in the USA.
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Please Note: The sale of the Impact is subject to restriction by the laws of many states and territories in the United States and by Federal law. Federal law also restricts the interstate shipment of these knives except to certain customers. The federal restrictions are described in 18 U.S.C. § 1716(9) (as amended) and 15 U.S.C. §§ 1242, 1243 and 1244 (as amended).

This knife is prohibited under the Criminal Code of Canada, Part 3 Firearms and other Weapons, Section 84 and cannot be shipped into Canada. See our shipping policy for more info : www.buckknives.com/customer-support/shipping-policy/.
Blade Length:
3 1/8" (7.9 cm)
4.1 oz. (116.2 g)
Cerakote® coated 6061 T6
Carry System:
Pocket Clip
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

One Handed Opening

Has a thumb stud, blade hole or other feature to facilitate one-hand use. Some models are one-hand opening and one-hand closing as well.

S30V Steel

This advanced steel, S30V, contains carbon as well as high amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium. This steel combines fantastic edge retention and high ductility combined with corrosion resistance. Double-tempered - it can be hardened to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 59.5-61. However, it is difficult to resharpen yourself, but we do offer sharpening services for a nominal fee.