Model #0808BRX1-B

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5160 Carbon, Coyote Tan Cerakote® coated, partially serrated with saw back spine and limb hook
Tricolored Canvas Micarta® Grip
Carry System:
MOLLE compatible sheath


When survival depends on it, the Talon FMC (full mission capable) is a tough outdoor tool designed for serious operatives and the extreme situations they may encounter.

Composed of 5160 steel, the 10 1/4" blade contains a convex main edge with 2 1/4" serrations, an aggressive saw back, and a limbing hook - making this tool ideal for clearing, heavy chopping, splitting, and batoning.

Comes with the Kydex, MOLLE sheath
Made in the USA
Blade Thickness:
33.6 oz. (952.5g)
Tricolored Canvas Micarta® Grip
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

5160 Carbon

Commonly known as spring steel, 5160 has excellent shock absorbing properties making it resilient to shattering and extremely durable as a knife steel. We harden to 57-58 Rc to maximize its performance.


Serrations give your Buck blade greater cutting power. Especially useful when cutting line and/or cables.