505 Knight™ Knife

505 Knight™ Knife

Model #0505RWS-B

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Satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel
Rosewood Dymondwood
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Classic, compact, everyday carry. The smallest knife in the 500 series, the Knight™ is perfect for the person who wants a knife that is unnoticeable in their pocket, but there when they need it. Length 2 3/4" closed. Made in the USA.
Blade Shape:
Drop Point
Blade Length:
1 7/8"(4.8 cm)
1.5 oz. (42.7 g)
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

Drop Point

This blade is full bellied with a strong, thick point for heavier tasks. It can also be used as a general work knife. The top of the blade drops down toward the tip, which minimizes accidental puncturing while skinning. The drop point blade is strong and very versatile.

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NAME: Justin
AGE: 24
American Craftsmanship in a Fun-Size Package

This knife brings all of the versatility of the classic 110 line and presents it in a small, convenient form factor. Some things to keep in mind when ordering: 1) It is SMALL. This knife is roughly the size of a keychain multi-tool, without the keychain attachment. Don't lose it. I was keeping mine in my pocket, and it's nearly slipped out on its own a couple times now. 2) Due to its size, the locking mechanism in the back is a little bit harder to operate than on larger knives like the 110 or the Prince. 3) This may have just been me, but my knife was not as razor-sharp as most of my previous Buck purchases, but it sharpens nicely. Like other Buck knives, the Knight comes with a lifetime-warranty, as well as the quality build and construction that other Buck products have come to be known for.

NAME: brian
AGE: 42
Nice change pocket knife

I really like this knife. It's small enough to fit comfortably in the coin pocket of my jeans, and is there when I need it. If you need a SMALL, solidly built pocket knife the Knight will work for you.

NAME: Guy Stewart
AGE: 70
Best Pocket Knife Made

I bought this knife, (mine is the 505V), when I returned from Viet Nam in 1968, and have carried it every since. It holds it's edge better than any other knife I had before this one. I am going to return it for repair after more than 46 years, as the blade pivot rivet is beginning to come loose. Hope to continue carrying this knife to the end. Guy Stewart

NAME: Ted Waterman
AGE: 76
Lost my KNIGHT

Some how my new knife about 7 years old slipped from my pocket in friends car on its way to NH I am heartbroken and feel naked with out a BUCK in my pocket after more than 50 years with one. Best knives ever.

NAME: William S. Gray
AGE: 46
Perfect for the pocket

Bought this little Knife in a small hardware store somewhere in the mountains of Virginia's Shanadoah Valley. I was around 19 or 20 years old. It's been lost , found, lost again, sharpened, resharpened, blade broken, then sharpened shorter. I'm 46 years old now and i'm sending back to Buck for a blade replacement and a Tune-up. Been a great knife and now , Thanks to Bucks warranty Dept. it's got a new life coming. Providing it doesn't end up permanetly lost, my kids will end up with it. Thanks Buck !!