Folding Alpha Hunter

Folding Alpha Hunter

Model #0277RWS1-B

Current Selection
Satin Finish, S30V Vanadium
Rosewood Dymondwood
Carry System:
Genuine Leather Sheath, Burgundy


Bronze washers, and just the perfect balance of weight and design give this knife the smoothest one-handed, manual action on the market. Offered with Rosewood Dymondwood® handle with 420HC or S30V stainless steel blade. Made in the USA.
Blade Shape:
Spear Point
Blade Length:
3 1/2" (8.9 cm)
8 oz. (227.8 g)
Carry System:
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

S30V Steel

We consider this the absolute best blade steel available, and it is made in America. S30V contains carbon as well as high amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium. This steel combines fantastic edge retention and high ductility combined with corrosion resistance. Double-tempered - it can be hardened to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 59.5-61. However, it is difficult to resharpen yourself, but we do offer sharpening services for a nominal fee.

Spear Point


Gut Hook

For great performance when field dressing game, a gut or skinning hook is an ideal tool. We’ve paid careful attention to the angles on the sharpened edge, shape and size of the entry opening and location of the hook on the blade, making a Buck gut hook the best.

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NAME: Tim Thompson
AGE: 36
Among the elite

The first impression I got from this knife was how beautiful it is. The redish wood really works well with the stainless tool steel that makes the frame. When I opened the knife, I was impressed by the smoothness of the action. There is a fine set of brass bushings that provide the perfect amount of tension for easy opening. The knife will not open with a wrist snap when the blade is fully closed. However, if you start it open a little bit with your thumb, and then wrist snap it, it will open and lock just fine. I feel it is the perfect amount of tension for saftey. The blade is the best part of the knive. I've not had an S20v alloy knife before, and all I can say The factory edge seems to be hand finished and has quite a bit of bevel, giving a sharp and sturdy edge. As for the sharpness, all I can say is, I got a piece of paper, did some slice testing with my 110, this knife, and a Chineese Kershaw. The Kershaw could bearly cut paper without tearing it. The 110 did better, but still didn't cut that clean. This knife...with the S20v It cuts like a razor. Be careful with this knife. The blade is sharp beyond description, and the action is so smooth that closing the knife is too easy sometimes. It would be very easy to cut your fingers when the blade isn't in the full lock position. I can't wait to get a deer this year and really try this knife out.

NAME: Marco
AGE: 4
Tip for review above

Idem as above but one tip. If the knife doesnd open with a wrist snap, Untighten the tork schrew a few degrees (left)