301 Stockman® Knife

301 Stockman® Knife

Model #0301BKS-B

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Satin Finish, 420HC Stainless Steel
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Traditional, convenient and multi-purpose. The Stockman® is the largest three-bladed knife available from Buck. The clip point blade is good for detail work, the spey blade is perfect for skinning or sweeping knife strokes and the sheepsfoot blade is perfect for giving a clean cut, especially on a flat cutting surface. Blade Lengths: Clip: 2 ¾" Spey: 2" Sheepsfoot: 2." Made in the USA.
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Multiple Blade Shapes
2.9 oz. (82.6 g)
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Made in the USA

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420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

Multiple Blade Shapes

Multiple Blade Shapes

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NAME: Bob Howell
AGE: 62
Best knife there is

This is the second Stockman I've had. The first one was lost through a hole in my pocket. I had to replace it. This is the last pocket knife you will have to buy. It is a workhorse.

NAME: Alec Andrus
AGE: 65
Life long Buck fan

I have carried Buck pocket knives for many decades. I have used them under extreme circumstances and for everyday activities. I have always been pleased with the quality of my Buck knives. My Stockman (made in the USA) has saved my bacon a number of times and has been a valued tool countless times. It has been borrowed by many (within my sight) and all love it. In gentler times, I carried this knife into the US Supreme Court to witness a case and the guards at the door stopped me. I thought, "Oh, Oh, these East Coast folks probably don't like a knife like that in a suit wearing fella." The guard on the electronic gate took the knife over and showed it to his Sargeant. They came back and looked me in the eye and said. We think this is a quality knife. Do you know where we can buy a Buck knife. I smiled and told them in Idaho, we just walk into the store and get one without hassle. True story.

NAME: James
AGE: 37
My Grandfather's knife

After my Grandfather passed away in 1986, I have been using this knife ever since. He carried this knife daily for as long as I can remember. I keep it in the glove box of my truck and use it frequently. Every time I use this knife I am amazed by its condition and how well it keeps its edge. There is a reason Buck is an American icon and it's because of quality products like this and the several other Buck knives I own.

NAME: Jeff Botts
AGE: 50
Nice knife!!

Just received my new Stockman 301 pocketknife today, with rosewood dymondwood handle and brass rivets. It looks like quality craftsmanship. Blades are very sharp. Nice size. This knife is replacing my vintage 1936 Imperial pocketknife that I have been carrying for 25 years. My old pocket knife is just getting worn out and it was time. Hopefully my new Stockman will last me for the rest of my life, I'll let you know from beyond, ha ha. I'm sure it will for I've always had good luck with Buck knives, although this is my first Buck pocketknife. However, my made in the USA Buck hunting knives have always been top notch!!!!

NAME: Kyle Reischman
AGE: 28
Best pocket knife ever

When you pick up a buck stockman, you can tell it is a great piece of American craftsmanship. It is a knife that will last and can be passed down to you kids or grandkids. The 3 blades in this knife will tackle just about any job you want it too. It is the perfect size not to big but not too small. This would be a great first pocket knife to give your kid. Buck is a great company that stands behind their products. It is nice to know that they are a company that shares my Christian beliefs. I will definitely be buying more Buck products. The Buck Stockman 301 will be one that I'm never without. God bless

NAME: Alec Swayngham
AGE: 49
Great Knife

My grandfather gave me one of these knives on my 5th birthday. I have carried it everyday since then. The blades hold an edge real well. I use the knife pretty much every day for everything from cutting fruit, fishing, skinning small game, opening packages, cutting small gauge electrical wire when working on projects, trimming wood. It is just an all around great knife.

NAME: Joseph Bare
AGE: 18
Great knife!

The knife out of the box was hair popping sharp!This will be one to carry forever. I plan on purchasing more of Buck's knifes for my family and friends. Thanks so much for a great USA made product. God Bless!

NAME: parker h. green
AGE: 66
buck knives forever

Ilove my buck knives Ihave several 1 307 that means a lot to me wish I could find another one they will last forever keep up the good work. never met chuck he seems like a fine person may god bless you all..

NAME: Don Fenner
AGE: 40
Form and Function

Since my childhood and the days of my very first pocket knife, I have never had a knife that I loved more. I had been looking at this knife for 2 years before I pulled the trigger and one thing is for sure, the functionality and beauty of this tool are unsurpassed. Wish I had picked it up when I first took notice... it's a real beauty!

NAME: Matt Jones
AGE: 33
Multi-generation knife.

My grand-father carried one of these for years. Up till he died. I bought one recently. For two reasons it lasts and really works hard. The blade shapes will do most of the work you will ever need with moving to a purpose built knife. I go to other blades for hunting and field use, but carry this every day. This even replaced my cold steel folder that I carried in the Army for daily carry.

NAME: Kevin Pack
AGE: 18
Buck 301 Stockman

In my opinion the toughest stockman on the market, a real workhorse of a knife. If you need something done, this knife can do it.