Buck Knives® in the News


Feb 21, 2012

Buck Knives’ new 100% diamond coated EdgeTek sharpening line is a result of a new partnership between Buck Knives and Hewlett Manufacturing to bring USA made sharpeners backed by Buck’s Forever Warranty to the market.

At the 2012 SHOT Show, Buck Knives introduced 12 new sharpeners as part of their product line. The line includes Buck’s EdgeTek FlipStiks, Bench Stones, Pocket Stones and Sharpening Steels. They cover fine, medium and coarse grits, along with offering single, dual and even three sided sharpeners of various shapes and sizes.

Located in Linesville, PA, Hewlett is an expert in the art of diamond coating steels. As a second generation company, Hewlett has been in the business for over 50 years and their JewelSticks are a world leader in edge sharpening used anywhere from upscale restaurants to home use. Hewlett also backs their products with a lifetime guarantee.

“We have offered sharpeners in the past, but always maintained the goal of providing an elite USA made line to help our customers keep the edge on,” said Phil Duckett, COO of Buck Knives. “Teaming up with Hewlett Manufacturing is a great way for us to accomplish this. They are a family owned business that manufacture their products in the USA, believe in their products by backing them with a lifetime warranty and have also proved to be an expert in their field, much like Buck Knives.”

Hewlett Manufacturing has agreed to make their FlipStiks a Buck exclusive sharpening line. “We are excited about our agreement with Buck Knives, one of the most famous companies in the industry. Having a company like Buck to back our product will provide us with so many opportunities and we look forward to future projects with Buck,” said Brian Hewlett, Vice President of Hewlett Manufacturing.

In 2013 both companies plan to collaborate and develop new designs for the Buck EdgeTek line and will continue to launch new sharpeners each year afterward. “After meeting with the Hewlett family, using their sharpeners on our knives and realizing what a great product they have, our engineering team is excited to begin the development stages for new, unique and effective sharpening tools,” said Michael Dolmage, Director of Product Development at Buck Knives.