Buck Knives® in the News


May 6, 2010

When Paul Bos retires from Buck Knives after a working relationship spanning 50 years, it will mark the end of an amazing era of accomplishment, yet not bring total closure to this long-term association.

Before heading off to retirement, Bos and his wife Sallie will be attending the Blade Show 2010, June 4-6, in Atlanta, with daily appearances at the Buck Knives booth. In celebration of his Buck career, a special limited edition 408 Kalinga (100 serialized) collectors' knife has been created, and Bos will be there to sign them. Chuck and CJ Buck will be there as well to sign knives and wish Bos a fond farewell.

Bos and Sallie are retiring to Prescott, Arizona, where they will be closer to their children and grandchildren, and he can pursue his love of desert exploration and take more trips in his hot rods. The good news for the knife world is he will continue in an advisory role for Buck Knives, and make trips to the Idaho plant as needed.

Also good news, to both Buck customers and custom knifemakers, his heat treat role will be in the good hands of Paul Farner, who has been trained by Bos for 10 years, and according to Bos is “more than capable of taking over this key aspect of the Buck business.”

Bos emphasized that Farner will be taking over not only the heat treat role at Buck Knives, but also will continue to serve the custom knifemakers as well, with no delay or interruption in service, just as Bos has been providing for the last 40+ years.

“I want to express my sincere thanks to all my associates and friends, both in the Buck family and throughout the knife business,” Bos said. “After nearly 40 years of working with custom knifemakers, as well as the 50 years with three generations of the Buck family, these friendships have become very meaningful to me, and I want them all to know of my appreciation."

Under Buck's new relationship with Bos, he will be there whenever needed, including an in-depth role when new steels are introduced and tested. He will help set up new heat treat protocol to maximize their qualities, as well as to ensure superior knife blades are the end result.

“No one can match Paul's dedication to the art of heat treating knife blades or his unwavering commitment to supporting custom knifemakers world-wide, answering their questions about hardening and tempering blade steels, as well as tests and other needs,” said Chuck Buck, chairman. “He has trained and educated dozens of makers, and their knives reflect his efforts in the quality and superior edges of their blades. We're just pleased that Paul has agreed to continue in an advisory role.”

“Paul Bos is living proof to the conviction that it takes more than just using good steel for making a fine blade; it's what you do with the steel that makes the difference,” said CJ Buck, president. “Paul's sophisticated heat treat process is the key to a superior blade, with a keen edge that lasts. He has done an excellent job in training Paul Farner to step into the day-to-day position.”

Both of the Buck's agreed that the key to a world-famous reputation for heat treating is really about zealously managing a consistent process, and “Bos has been crucial in establishing the processes that enable Buck to deliver results in a production environment that rival or exceed most custom shops. That consistency will continue with Paul Farner,” said Chuck Buck.