Buck Knives® in the News


Jan 10, 2010

While never forgetting their hunting roots, Buck Knives continues to strengthen their position as the knife manufacturer with the widest array of product choices, and their interesting range of new knife models for 2010 underscores the point.

Leading off with a new addition to their hunting knives, Buck rolled out three Folding ErgoHunters, answering demand from many hunters after they introduced their innovative ErgoHunter fixed-blade a year ago. Following Buck's “good-better-best” (Select-Avid-Pro) approach, these new folders are available at three price points, all offering the same basic design features.

Comfortable, sure-grip handles have right-hand ergonomic contouring (called “palm swell” in firearm grips) for maximum comfort and reduced hand fatigue. Raised, machine-cut checkering provides a secure grip. The hollow-ground blade is a 3” skinner, made from a choice of quality steels, all finished with the Paul Bos heat treat to ensure superior sharpness, edge retention and corrosion-resistance. The Folding ErgoHunter offers ambidextrous one-hand opening, and it has extra-thick locking liners. Overall length, locked open, is 7-1/8” and it weighs just 4 oz.

“A recent study showed that customers prefer to shop where there is a wide range of choices,” said CJ Buck, president, “and we try to help meet that preference with many kinds of new knives.” MSRPs: $73 for the “good” (Select); $88 for the “better” (Avid); and $170 for the “best” (Pro).

New Paradigm Assisted Opener

Proving his point, Buck demonstrated a revolutionary new approach to assisted openers, called the Paradigm. It's certainly not Buck's first one-hand opening folder, but this new one features the handiest deployment system and the safest locking action of any, thanks to Buck's patent-pending Shift Mechanism. Instead of a liner lock (or frame lock), the Paradigm's unique lock is in the bolster. With your thumb, you simply slide the bolster sideways to unlock and open; and do the same thing to unlock and close, without having to put your thumb in the way of a closing blade.

With these significant new features, the Paradigm is a great multi-purpose knife you can depend on no matter where and how you use it. It has a 3-1/4” drop-point blade, is 4-3/8” closed and weighs 4.2 oz. For easy carry and handy access, it has a reversible stainless steel clip. There are two Paradigm models: The 337 Pro has an S30V stainless steel blade and a G10 handle. MSRP is $180. The blade on the 336 Paradigm Avid is 13C26 Sandvik stainless steel, and the handle is contoured Micarta. MSRP, $150.

EcoLite Series

Another major breakthrough for Buck is the first step in their new EcoLite Series. EcoLite is Buck's new approach to providing a cluster of advanced knife features: Handles are made of eco-friendly PaperStone, the “greenest” material you can find. They are stronger, more rugged, withstand heat or cold, take general in-use abuse and come back for more. They are much lighter weight. They are environmentally sustainable. And they are priced lower.

“We understand the importance of integrating eco-friendly materials into our products,” said CJ Buck, “and we are enthusiastic about taking a major step forward with the use of PaperStone made from 100% waste paper.”

EcoLite knives start with a new version of Buck's famous 110 Folding Hunter. Imagine a knife with exactly the same great 3-3/'4” hollow-ground clip blade, made of corrosion-resistant 420HC stainless steel, heat-treated to Rc58 to hold an edge longer. And it has the same reliable positive-action locking system that has stood the test of time. Now we come to a big change: instead of the 7.2 oz. for the classic 110, the EcoLite counterpart weighs only 3.1 oz. – that's less than half as much, all without sacrificing any features. MSRP, $45. And there is also a 112 model, with more in the development stage.

Tough, Lightweight PakLite

With a heavy-duty skeletal steel frame, the new PakLite is tough enough to ensure years of reliable performance, yet is so lightweight you'll hardly know it's there on your hip.

The PakLite is available in two models – the 140 Skinner and the 135 Caper. Both are made of Buck's time-tested 420HC stainless steel, ensuring durability and corrosion-resistance, and they come in a heavy-duty nylon sheath. Both are very affordably priced.

The Skinner has a 2-7/8” skinning blade that is 0.150” thick, and it's 6-5/8”overall, and it weighs just 2.5 oz. MSRP is only $25. The smaller Caper has a 2-1/2” modified caping blade, 0.100” thick, is 6-3/4” overall and weighs only 1.1 oz. MSRP, $25.

TOPS/Buck CSAR-T, Newest Tactical Knife

Wherever failure is not an option – whether it's for emergency rescue situations or in a war zone – there are tough, reliable, durable Buck knives expressly designed to meet any challenge. And now, adding to our own experience and expertise with these rugged knives, Buck has added new strength by joining with TOPS Knives in a collaboration that already has produced one new knife – the TOPS/Buck CSAR-T liner-lock.

With a .065” liner for positive locking action, it has a tough G10 handle that's a variation on Buck's rugged Bravo knives, and a 3-3/4” TOPS-designed modified Tanto blade, made of 0.175” thick, high-grade ATS 34 stainless steel. There are several carrying options, with a reversible steel clip for pocket or belt, and a sheath is also available. MSRP is $150.

Folding Fillet Knife, More Vantages and Nighthawk Bravo

Expected to be ready for Spring is Buck's new Model 220 Silver Creek Folding Fillet Knife. It has a 6-1/2” blade that locks open to a solid 13-3/4”, yet folds to a compact 7-1/4” for easy carry in a heavy-duty nylon sheath. It weighs just 5.9 oz. The flexible blade, made of 420J2 stainless steel, is titanium coated for added corrosion resistance. A thumb-notch in the blade makes it easy to open with one hand. And Buck's reliable mid-lock mechanism ensures safe use.

After Buck Knives introduced their series of Silver Creek fishing knives, the positive reaction brought with it the predictable question from fishermen who asked when they could get a folding version with the same advantages. Now they have it. As with the other Silver Creeks, the thermoplastic-base handle has a textured, soft rubber overmold, ergonomically shaped for comfort, with anti-slip ridges for sure grip. A stainless steel guard adds durability and safety. A lanyard loop at the end of the handle helps keep secure in use. MSRP is $36.

Another offshoot of success are two additional smaller Vantage lockblades, to round out the good-better-best availability of these super-smooth one-hand openers. Both have a 2-5/8” drop-point blade, are 3-3/4” closed, weigh 2.3 oz. and have a reversible steel clip. The 341 Vantage Avid has a 13C26 Sandvik steel blade and a CNC Charcoal Dymondwood® handle. MSRP for this “better” level Vantage is $54. The 342 Vantage Pro has an S30V steel blade and a durable G10 handle. At the “best” level, $80.

Combining features from two other Buck tactical knives, the new 652 Nighthawk BravoT has a 4” Besh Wedge blade made of Buck's reliable 420HC stainless steel with Zirblast finish. The handle is black, reinforced molded nylon with olive Dynaflex® rubber grip. It comes in a heavy-duty nylon sheath. MSRP, $80.