Folding ErgoHunter Adrenaline-Avid

0587PPSHH-B Folding ErgoHunter Adrenaline-Avid

Haley Heath ErgoHunter Adrenaline Series!

When collaborating with Haley regarding a line of female specific hunting knives, she revealed her favorite hunting knives are Buck's ErgoHunters, in which she'd like to see that line redesigned for the female touch. With a modified handle designed to fit in smaller hands, and a finger guard for a safer grip, Buck has provided just the knife Haley trusts to serve her hunting needs. For even more control, it has a machined checkering all-weather grip on the rubberized handle for a secure grip. The Folding ErgoHunter Adrenaline has a smooth, one-hand opening and is locked open with a sturdy liner lock.

Made in the USA