Customizable 110 Folding Hunter Knife

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Please allow a 4-6 week lead time for production, plus additional transit to your destination. All custom knife sales are final after 48 hours and 100% payment is expected upon order. Please review your order, we are not responsible for misspellings or mistakes. Profanity, inappropriate wording, Trademarked material, images and symbols will not accepted or processed. All engraving is subject to approval. Due to lead times, expedited shipping is not available for custom knife orders. Discounts and promo codes are not valid on custom knife orders.
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One of the most famous knives in the world, Buck’s classic 110 Folding Hunter is an American icon and a central tradition among families. Please allow 4-6 week lead time. Please note: When we make handles out of natural products, you will find nature's own "brandmarks." In most cases, these markings are not flaws, rather nature's own design. Each one will have its own personality and distinctive look unlike handles created from man-made materials.
Blade Length:
3 3/4" (9.5 cm)
7.2 oz. (205 g)
Made in the USA

Available Features and Options

S30V Steel

We consider this the absolute best blade steel available, and it is made in America. S30V contains carbon as well as high amounts of Chromium, Molybdenum and Vanadium. This steel combines fantastic edge retention and high ductility combined with corrosion resistance. Double-tempered - it can be hardened to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 59.5-61. However, it is difficult to resharpen yourself, but we do offer sharpening services for a nominal fee.

420HC Steel

This is Buck's standard blade material because it approaches the wear resistance of high carbon alloys while delivering the corrosion resistance of chromium stainless steels. Add our exclusive heat-treat process and you have a very user-friendly combination of superior corrosion resistance with excellent strength for wear resistance and durability. You also have a blade that is easy to resharpen. For best performance we harden to a Rockwell hardness of Rc 58.

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Average Rating:
NAME: Timothy Sandoval
AGE: 39

The best present ever. The knife is art. Beautiful craftsmanship flawless blade made in the usa

NAME: Harold Ritch
AGE: 52
Great job Dana!

The 110 special folding hunter arrived two days ago. It is the nickel silver rivets/bolsters ram horn with s30v steel. I have many knives, and as oft told here, this CKS knife is the most beautiful I own. The craftsmanship is impeccable, and that is why I put my knife's technician's name in the title of this review. Thanks Dana. name in the

AGE: 23
Absolutely Amazing.

Ordered this knife with the elk handle, mirror finish, custom engraving, and notches for my fingers, and must say this is hands down one of the best things I've purchased in a long time. Yes, I am comparing this to nearly all of my other purchases made in at least the past year, and this could possibly be the best. Waited maybe 3-4 weeks to receive mine, but the quality is absolutely outstanding. Crafted perfectly, and you can tell it will last YEARS. I was a bit concerned when I ordered this if spending ~$170ish on a knife was a smart idea but well worth the money. I can tell you with certainty I will recommend Buck to friends and family, and I assure you this is not a Buck employee writing this! Thanks Buck!!

NAME: Rose Harries
AGE: 22
Love it!

I ordered this for my boyfriend for christmas and gave it to him early because I was so excited when I got it in the mail! it is impeccably made, even better than I was imagining it to be. It's nice and heavy and the perfect size, and I know that it will last forever! I also ordered the brown leather case along with it, which is also great quality and the perfect fit for the knife. thank you!

NAME: Mike Koffler
AGE: 50
Well made!

This is a knife that can be used for everyday use, not just for hunting. The quality of workmanship is superb. The blade holds an edge very well and I don't have to sharpen that often.

NAME: Samuel
AGE: 23
Form, Function, and Beauty

Well, this seals the deal. I don't believe that I will ever have the need for another knife again. I am doing some work in the service and I had need for a good knife. I am a firm believer that there is one knife out there to get the job done, any job; this is the one. I went with s30v, nickel bolsters, g10 with rivets, and initials so it matches my lucky underwear. I applaud Buck for the family heirloom, and the great sheath to boot.

NAME: andrew
AGE: 26
please fix your knife customizing page

Great knife. Just wish I could actually use the tools on the page to customize the thing as a gift for my brother. Does anyone else have the problem of not being able to select between the various customizable options?

NAME: Jon Andree
AGE: 28
Classic Knife for a Navy Man.

I'm in the Navy, and have gone through countless knives in my five years at sea. I was looking for a good quality knife, that could take a beating. My search brought me here, I ordered the 110 folding hunter knife with waterbuffalo handle and S30V blade. To say I was anxious about what would come in the mail is an undertatement. When my knife arrived I was thrilled. The finger grooves fit my hand like a glove and the workmanship of the knife is exquisite. The overall sturdiness 3 weeks after receiving it in the mail is exceptional! I was nervous before, but now I realize that I have a knife that can withstand the riggors of the sea, and the work I will put it through. Thank you Buck, and thank you to whomever the craftsman that made this work of art is!

NAME: jack mumford
AGE: 72
A firefighters knife

I bought my Buck knife from a soon to retire fellow firefighter. I was just starting my career back in 1972 and the buck folding knife was a working Knife, not a sit on the shelf and looking pretty knife. It was the preferred carry all over the job. I, myself, have long since retired but my Buck is still hangs from my belt, still in service after all these forty or so years. I'm not sure how long the original owner carried that buck but I will hand it off to my grandson one day and you can bet it will be servicable long after he is done with it. Quality and Craftmanship indure thats for sure.

NAME: Alex Deal
AGE: 15
Amazing, beautiful, sharp knife!

The 110 is the best knife I have ever ordered or bought anywhere. It only took 4 and half weeks to get to my house. The writing came out perfectly and the knife came SHARP! Over all great knife!

NAME: Cal Lewis
AGE: 13
Beautiful Craftsmanship!

My dad ordered a custom 110 for me, and I love it! The craftsmanship is amazing and the knife is beautiful! I will definitely order more knives! Thank you Buck!

NAME: William Brown
AGE: 40
Happy Camper

For my 40th birthday I decided to treat myself to a custom 110, my first and only choice. I wanted something that will stand the test of time and be passed down one day. I couldn't have been happier with what I received. Nickel bolsters and rivets, elk antler scales and my initials engraved on the 420HC satin finished blade. It is perfectly solid, an outstanding example of fine American craftsmanship. My knife is an absolute work of art with a blade that came sharp as a razor out of the box. I picked the US made brown leather sheath with is absolutely perfect for everyday carry. I'm one happy camper! Thank you Buck Knives!

NAME: peter
AGE: 41

I bought one years ago and it hasn't failed me yet in all of my outings. I use mine for just about everything and that includes cutting up apples for a snack. Awesome pieces of equipment and a must have for all outdoor or wilderness adventures!!

NAME: Leo Leonardo
AGE: 62
Best Folder I've owned

Bought my first 110 from the Navy Exchange over 44 years ago and carried it overseas and back. Back home as a civilian, once working as a wilderness EMT, it came in handy chopping dead limbs for improvised splints a few times (crazy motocross riders!).Still have it and use it. We're both ready to retire so I bought a customized 110 to commemorate that purchase nearly 45 years ago. However, that original isn't going to be put out to pasture just yet.

NAME: Neil Liebvman
AGE: 64
Work Of Art

I just returned from my summer vacation in N.Y. and opened up my custom Buck knife.Really beautiful 110.Nickel bolsters with rivets,water buffalo scales,finger grooved and mirror polished,RAZOR sharp, 1/2 serrated blade.What a work of art.I have been collecting Buck Knives since I was 11 years old in the Boy Scouts and finally wanted to treat myself to a Buck custom knife.Let me tell you what a treat it is.Absolutely a true work of art.Thank you guys at Buck Knives so much. Take care Neil

NAME: Derek Clark
AGE: 31
Custom 110

My wife had a 110 built for me as a Christmas gift from her and the kids. It has nickel bolster with walnut slabs and an S30V blade. It is a beautiful knife but under the right light you can see where the engraving that was supposed to be on the bolster was started on the blade. It was then ground off and engraved over with the correct encryption.

NAME: Leonard D.
AGE: 59
Glad to see that the Custom Shop is open again!

I haven't ordered my custom knife yet but wanted to share that I bought my first Buck 110 in 1974 upon joining the Army. Twice the blade snapped over the years and twice I sent it back to Buck and they replaced it for FREE, no questions asked. I also ordered two 110 Customs when the plant was still in CA. Don't know how long Buck has been offering the custom options since moving to Idaho but so glad they have offered it again! Order a custom knife, you will not be disappointed!

AGE: 127

Best knife I've had in my days

AGE: 70


NAME: William Valentine
AGE: 61
Custom 110 Folder

I went all the way. The hard steel. Everything else nickel, bolsters, rivets, finger grooves on stag handle. This a heirloom to pass to one of my boys, to grandson, and on. I have no regrets. Wish they still had elk horn for the 1 I'm ordering now. A real show piece. Everyone who sees it wants one. No doubt it will grow in value. I wanted one of the custom copper Buck made bust missed out. They are ledgendary.

NAME: Loren Owensby
AGE: 68
Buck 110 Custom

Order came in 4 weeks, ealier than promised. Perfect in all regards. Beautiful craftsmanship and tight lockup.

NAME: Clipper
AGE: 65
Long ago and far away....

I was Army Special Forces officer and snapped the blade off on my 110 during some very rugged ops. That knife was built to work and I abused it accordingly. I sent it back to Buck with an apology letter about using it beyond design specs and said that since I was not where I could buy one, to send me a replacement --in a hurry--and I would pay for it. I received a free replacement a month later, which was very fast given where we were. I have a dozen of these knives stashed in various convenient locations. I also have a collection of customized versions of the 110 on a special made display rack at my hunting lodge, which always draws a lot of attention. While there are many new tactical knives that work great and are lighter, the weight of this knife on my hip is comforting in a way, sort of like a 1911A1 in a leather flap holster. Old school? Yes. Outmoded? No

NAME: N. David King
AGE: 73
Fantastic Knife

I've owned Buck knives since the mid 1960s. I still have a 110 I bought in the early 1970s to replace one I had in the military and give to a friend. Now I seem to have a bunch of them, some customized by 3rd party artists. I just received the first knife I ordered (of 4) from Buck's custom shop and it has exceeded my expectations. This one had Ramshorn scales and a S30V blade and is simply beautiful. I can hardly wait to show it off!

NAME: Rayburn Rash
AGE: 71
The Best

Buck is the best knife sold. I've had one 40+ years and wouldn't part with it.

NAME: Richard Holt
AGE: 60

Bought one, Elk handle with finger grooves and brass with drop point blade. problem is... its just to pretty to use.

NAME: Stuart Juravel
AGE: 62
The cream of the crop

This is my third Buck 110 my first was the standard, then I purchased the aluminum engraved sides and the matching sheath with matching engraving. Now I'm ordering a custom 110 with Waterbuffelo grips engraved blade and the S30V steel. I will wait patiently for its arrival. This is my birthday gift to myself. The Buck is absolutely the Best of the Best. I hope they do a Damascus 110 in the future.

NAME: Jeff
AGE: 21

So, I've had my 110 for a little less than a year now, and it is by no means a "new" knife. It was my friend's dad's knife, but after he left my friend gave it to me. It's one of the Monroe editions from between '81 and '86 and it's still in great condition! I love my 110!

AGE: 45

My new 110 knife is just great... Sharp too...

NAME: Keith Mitchell
AGE: 62
Awesome 110

I received my custom done110 this past week. It is everything I thought it would be. I have been collecting buck knifes since I was 14 and this is one of the nicest. I want to thank your knife maker Richard Richel for the great workmanship.

NAME: James Gowin
AGE: 24
Unprecedented Quality

I ordered my custom 110 after several years of wanting one- after about 4 weeks, it came in the mail and I have not stopped staring at it. By far the best knife I own next to my buck bantam EDC.. The sharpness shocked me, and the first thing I cut was myself for being clumsy. Such beautiful craftsmanship!

NAME: Hector Garcia
AGE: 56
Remember when

I got my first 110 like most from my dad along with a wrist watch still have both wish I still had my dad. Then I hear from a friend about these custom 110s so I get one for me and one for my dad "FatBoy" if you got yours from your pop return the honor and get him an awesome custom 110 while you can... Choked up I can only imagine the feeling Slide him a cold one then the 110

NAME: Michael Mohr
AGE: 54
Why go anywhere else?

10 stars out of 5! A Buck is a buck is a buck...always has been, and looks like always will be. Love the quality, reputation, values and integrity of this company. A true American Icon and proud to be part of it. Very satisfied with the custom 110. Will be proud to pass it on down.

NAME: Chuck A
AGE: 55
What a Beautiful Beautiful Knife !!!

This knife is the American Made knife I have always drooled over but held off buying. Only regret is not buying it sooner. Mine is nickel with the ram horn handle, s30v blade, finger grips and rivets. By far the nicest knife I own and that is saying something. You will not be disappointed buy one now :).

NAME: Brianna
AGE: 17
I haven't gotten mine yet still waiting

I have ordered one for my boy friend as a Christmas gift this year I see all the good reviews so I'm hoping he loves it when it comes and I give it to him. !!! :-) I will do an official rating once I receive the knife in about a month or so and I will make sure to let you know what he thinks. He loves all knives especially custom knives so I'm sure he will love it plus I had it engraved

NAME: Tinette
AGE: 44
Beautiful Knife

My husband loves it. Most beautiful knife we've ever owned. Two suggestions... would love it better with a brushed silver bolster, and the engraving is too low. Needs to be up to the right, as you look at the blade. This knife will definitely be used and we would like the engraving to still be there when we pass it down to our grandchildren. Still 5 stars because it's so awesome.

NAME: Tammi
AGE: 44
One of a kind!

Just received my one of a kind custome made 110 Buck Knife and I absolutely love it! I didn't think anything could replace my previous standard 110 because it had sentimental value. Well, this far surpasses that one and now I get to make new memories with a knife made just for me. Thanks Buck! You are truly a last breed for original and genuine products made right here in America!

NAME: James. Walker
AGE: 58
buck 110

so far the best nice knifeI have ever owned

NAME: Micky
AGE: 37
I wish I could've liked it more!

I really, really, really wanted this knife to be as good as I wanted it to be - and it almost is... BUT my only complaint, really, is cosmetic. Fit is great. Finish... notsomuch. The first one I bought I ordered w/ a S30V blade, Walnut scales, brass bolsters, no rivets - and the quality of the walnut scales and the finish of them was, how to put it, noticeably shabby. Hard to explain - but the grain didn't seem to run the whole length of the 3" scale and there were "ashy" spots in the finish color. Not acceptable, in my mind, for a "custom shop" knife. Okay. Can't return it. Gave it to the father-in-law for Christmas. He loved it. Bam. Not a total waste - Let's try again. Ordered another immediately - everything the same except this time with Cherrywood scales and added rivets - figuring maybe the folks at Buck were working with an iffy batch of Walnut. AGAIN - patchy, splotchy finish work on the wood - some areas of the scales seemed to be over-saturated with stain, others lacking- On 3" scales!!!! AND the stain itself was much lighter and brighter red in person than the beautiful deep red you see on the website. Again- unacceptable to me. Now, before you jump all over me, I know all wood is unique, and certain pieces may have "character" - but if you're making a semi-custom knife, take some pride and choose the choice pieces - establish a standard and take the hit on the wood that doesn't make the grade, THEN finish those pieces that DO make the grade consistently for the best possible product. Not rocket science. Just pride and craftsmanship - which seem to be lacking in the custom shop. I collect knives. Cheap. Expensive. In-between. I love 'em. I think I have pretty good taste in them. Whenever I do decide to shell out more than, say, $50 for a knife - I expect at least an attempt at top-notch quality. I didn't get it here. Twice. I wanted a 110 because I was hunting with my wife's grandpa and saw his 50 yr old 110 that he's used to dress countless deer- it's a genuine, battle-scarred piece of American folk art. I wanted one instantly, desperately, so I thought I'd splurge on an heirloom quality example... but maybe I should just wait till they take the stupid anniversary medallion off the scales of the production model and buy one from Walmart -or hope that my wife's grandpa passes his down to me. Guess I gotta decide who else I like enough to give a $110 knife away to... I don't think I'm gonna get burned a 3rd time.

NAME: mike Jones
AGE: 50
110 custom fg

WOW! What a beautiful piece work this knife is. My 110 F G is nickel, water buffalo & polished stainless. Any person who admires quantity and craftsmanship would be proud to own a knife from Bucks custom shop.

NAME: Tim Jensen, CP,CGMA
AGE: 58
This knife is a work of art

I received a Buck 110 for my 8th birthday in 1964. I've had 3 since then - all "base models". I ordered a 50th anniversary in November and I was very disappointed with the quality of the piece. I'm sure Mr. Buck will make it right. As this was intended to be my last buck so I decided on a custom. 320 blade is the mostimportant upgrade. Nickel bolsters, magnificent polished Stag grip with finger cutouts, no rivets and , yes, a monogram. (movie star knife). It is the nicest blade I've ever had in my hand - period.

AGE: 27
Custom Elk 110

absolutely perfect, and very impressive craftsmanship. mine is elk, brass, mirror polished blade. The elk inlays that Buck used are perfectly matched, and quite fat. The fit, finish, and action of the knife are perfect as well. And as always, the blade is excellent. You get a far superior product from the custom shop, in comparison to factory knives. Definetly worth the money! Buck's customer service and management are second to none too!! Thanks Buck, keep up the great work!

NAME: Mark Fishburn
AGE: 30

Fit and finish is above and beyond their off-the-shelf stuff, truly excellent. Amazed that they showed up in under the 4-6 week lead time. Will be spending more money soon. You won't regret a Buck Custom. I ordered 2 110 models and could not be happier. Love the little boxes they come in with gold string- nice touch!

NAME: Frank Smith
AGE: 56
Buck 110 for everyday use.

I ordered my Buck 110 in Nickel with 30v Serrated Blade, Finger Groove Ram Scales with Rivets. Buck's quality, fit and finish exceeded my expectation in all respects. The blade is razor sharp with a pleasant sounding snap to the lockup when opened. I'm delighted I ordered the Ram Scales as they give the 110 a sophisticated, classic old world look. This is without a doubt the best looking knife I have purchased. I've used my 110 as a practical everyday carry knife for the past year. The knife remains sharp and as tight as the day received. The Buck 110 is a true Heirloom quality product that will be cherished for generations.

NAME: Gordon Arnold II
AGE: 64
Best of the best

I just got my custom 110 with finger grooves, bone handle and S30V blade. The best folder ever has never been better.

NAME: Paulie Buehler
AGE: 58
!10 Buck

Just recieved knife. Fantasic and looking to many years service out of it.

NAME: Michael Craddock
AGE: 30
A great spin on a great classic!

The 110 is a great knife already and being able to customize it is just a dream come true. I have one already that the Mrs got as a gift. It came with flawless Koa wood that looks like it is on fire in the sunlight. The bolsters were mirror polished and the edge was very obviously hand sharpened to shaving sharp status. This is how you do a custom knife!

NAME: coyote
AGE: 61
best customer service possible

have been using a 110 since 1969. a while back i purchased a Buck/Mayo #172 but wasn't 100% happy with the grind on it. i ran into Chck Buck at a knife show. he offered to replace it, no questions asked. he then personally picked one out for me and it was indeed perfect! it doesn't get any better than that!!!!!

NAME: perrin baker
AGE: 68

a beauty with the feel of just right

NAME: Dennis Ballard
AGE: 58
110 Stag

Perfection....feels like a part of my hand. As smooth and clean in top notch quality as you can get!!!

NAME: Ian10
AGE: 34
Great knife

Awesome knife,would highly recommend

NAME: Austin
AGE: 22
Great Knife

I have an old 110 that was given to me by my father. Use it almost everyday, and I dont use it lightly, I use it to split wood, chop small trees, and a hammer sometimes. I buy a knife for work and this lived up to its name. I since have purchased numerous buck knifes.

NAME: Tom Billups
AGE: 61
Custom 110 Exceeds Expectations

I ordered my custom 110 in nickel, with rivets and finger grooves. Also order ram handles and the S30V serrated blade, with a black leather sheath. The knife is absolutely beautiful. It is large heavy knife. Intended use is for camping and fishing, as well as daily carry for week-end chores at home. The lock back release is quite stiff and it takes a fair amount of thumb pressure to release the blade to fold it. I will hopefully get used to this or maybe it will become less stiff with time and usage. It was shipped almost 6 weeks from the date I ordered it, and took 5 business days to arrive via UPS Ground.

NAME: michael ruple
AGE: 57
beautiful model 110 custom

received custom 110 the old saying goes, some things r worth waiting for. this is one of them.

NAME: Mark Fishburn
AGE: 30
Yet another stunner!

Just received my second 110 custom. Now I have 5 110s. This one was the black G10 grips, pins, nickel-steel bolsters, and S30V blade. Fit and finish is exceptional, save for one very, very minor thing. One of the edges on the G10 is not quite as 'sharp' as the other edges. You can't really see it as much as you can feel it. It doesn't matter really, for a semi-custom production pattern, obviously made by hand in the wonderful USA. What does matter, is that I can literally shave hair off my arm with it. My 2 custom 110s always get positive comments from others when they come out of my pocket.

NAME: Josh
AGE: 85

This is the best knife I ever had in my life. There is not one thing riling with it.

AGE: 35
Best Gift Ever!

I ordered the Customizable 110 Folding Hunter Knife as a gift for my boyfriend that never leaves the house without his pocket knife, best decision i ever made! This will be a knife that he has forever and can be handed down throughout the family. I received the knife 6 weeks from order date and it was better than I ever imagined it would be. It is a heavy and sturdy knife. I am second guessing not ordering a second one for myself. I ordered with 420HC Satin blade (530's have to be sent back to be sharpened), American Oak (a little darker/ashier than shown but still very nice), Nickle Bolster, Rivets (make the knife stand out so glad I did), Finger Grooves ( i was nervous doing this because his hands are large but they are the perfect size for "man hands"), Tan Leather Sheath (perfect fit for this knife), and did Bolster Engraving (nice addition for a personal touch - blade engraving seemed a little low and was afraid sharpening would buff it out.).

NAME: Bryce B
AGE: 18
The Best !!!!

This Knife is the Best I have Purchased in a Long Time. Not Only do you get a piece of art but a great functioning knife that's sharp as a razor needless to say if i ever need another this is my go to knife shop

NAME: Heath Morton
AGE: 23
great knife

I bought this for my brother in law for a graduation present. It took longer than expected but that was due to me overlooking the build time. The knife is solid built with no play in the blade and heavy. It is beautiful and sharp enough to shave. The blade lock is a little stiff but not that bad. The engraving looks exactly like you expect and is beautiful. Might have to get my own now.

NAME: David Garza
AGE: 64
Custom 110

I received my knife and I loved it as soon as II opened the box. The Elk handles matched perfect nice and thick, the nickel silver bolsters and liner added to the beauty of this knife. To top it off the engraving was super nice making this knife one of a kind. I know how the blade will perform cause I have an Alaska guide with the S30V and it is great. I am looking forward to Buck offering a custom full size trapper with these options. Over all this knife has made a 35 year knife collector a Buck fan. Thanks Buck for my beautiful knife.

NAME: Patrick
AGE: 39
Piece of Art

I ordered what I would hope to be a good knife; I got a Piece of Art that happen to be the best knife I've ever owned. I'm a fan of Gerber and unfortunately, even their USA made stuff is getting somewhat disappointing now, let alone the Made In China gear. I'm ex-Military and Law Enforcement; The Buck 110 does not have that "tactical" look that other knives have but what it lack in "tacticool" is definitely compensated by the quality. I got a leather pouch to put on my belt when I'm in civies for EDC and the nylon pouch that comes with it is perfect for my duty belt.

NAME: Larry Motzer
AGE: 62
AKnife for the Ages

I have carried a Buck Knife for over 40 years from the time I entered the USAF TO TODAY and I have always relied on it's Sharpness and durability where ever I went.

NAME: Joseph Bryant
AGE: 45
Wonderful Knife

I received my custom 110 folder today. It has exceeded my expectations, a work of functional art. The workmanship is flawless and it is as sharp as any knife I've owned. It is really a pleasure to see American skill and pride in this product.

NAME: Jackson
AGE: 14
Buck 110

This is an awesome knife and it is by far my favorite knife in my collection. I collect Buck knives and I love them!

NAME: James Davis
AGE: 64
Work of art.

Just received my custom 110 yesterday and I couldn't be happier. This is a beautiful knife. The fit and finish is perfection. I am looking forward to carrying this for many years and passing it along when I'm gone.

NAME: Bill
AGE: 39
Beautiful Classic knife

I ordered a custom 110 with the elk handle for my young son. The knife arrived and I was not disappointed. The quality was excellent, right down to the custom engraving. The knife was very sturdy and looked great (almost a shame to use it). My son was super excited when I gave it to him. It reminded me of my first 110 folder when I was a kid. I have always been a fan of Buck products and this custom reminded me why. I am not going to lie, I was tempted to keep it for myself. Good work keeping up the tradition and quality of Buck.

NAME: Paul A. Williams Jr.
AGE: 34

Would rate a 5 but it wouldn't let me. I ordered 2, one for myself and one for my wife. The craftsmanship is great. The elk handles are beautiful. The finger grooved handles are super comfortable. The engravings were executed perfectly. The time in which I recieved the two knives, was awesome. Recieved them quicker than I anticipated. I will definitely make future orders. THANK YOU for the quality and precision!

NAME: John Peel
AGE: 53
Awesome Knife

Birhday gift - 110 Blue Dymondwood scales, Nickel bolsters, S30V blade. Fit, Finish, Workmanship is Perfection! Blade test was like a hot wire through warm butter! REALLY, REALLY nice knife!!

NAME: Robin Harrison
AGE: 41
High Quality Experience!

In the past few months I have been looking for a knife that I can use for hunting and also for general purpose. And I'm the type of guy who really researches things before I buy them. I probably spent 2 months combing the internet, reading reviews, and visiting the local Bass Pros Shop numerous times and discussing knives with their "knife guys." I had my eye on a Benchmade knife, and also a hunting set from Knives of Alaska. I kept coming back however, to the reality that although these knives were nice - they weren't Bucks. I love classic, high quality, American made stuff. Whatever it is -cars, guns, guitars, and yes, knives. Once I visited the Buck custom page I knew my search was over. I ordered the 110 with brass bolsters and rivets, elk handle, s30v blade and the brown leather sheath. I also had my initials engraved in the blade. Why not? This is going to be the knife that goes the distance with me. Waiting for it to arrive was fun, and I was blown away with its beauty and craftsmanship. Definitely a high quality experience. Love it! Love it! Love it! Thanks Buck!